Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 615

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Chapter 615

Janice cried and said, “Dad, eldest brother is not my guardian. For so many years, you have kicked me like a ball to elder brother and ignored me. Don’t you think it is too cruel to me?”

“Janice, what do you mean? Are you accusing us of not taking good care of you?” Zhan Tingye roared.

Janice was frightened by Zhan Tingye’s fierce aura, and did not dare to fight with Zhan Tingye. Shrinking her neck timidly said: “Dad, I didn’t mean that.”

Zhan Tingye’s anger was hard to dissipate, “You tell me how rebellious you used to be. For a man, you abruptly ruined your innocence. We hand you over to your brother, hoping that he can lead you to the right path.

But now it seems that this is really a wrong decision, he has cultivated you into a cripple. “

This is the most humiliating and hurtful memory in Janice’s life.

Zhan Tingye spoke out regardless, Janice’s face turned pale at the time. The whole person trembled so badly, as if all the scars and scabs had been mercilessly uncovered, revealing bloody wounds.

Silvia smiled sarcastically after hearing the news. The smile seemed to say: Janice, what qualifications do you have to laugh at me? You and I are both morally corrupt women.

After Janice inadvertently glanced at Silvia’s smile, she suddenly felt that the sky was spinning. For an instant. It seems that the whole world has abandoned her.

“I don’t want to listen.” Janice covered her ears and said repeatedly.

“I don’t want to listen.” She is like a helpless child, abandoned by her close relatives, and can only plunge into the wider world.

She ran out frantically.

Zhan Tingye watched the figure of Janice running away, with a vicious and ruthless light flooding his eyes.

Janice relied on Jacob far more than their parents.

He was secretly suspected of instigating the relationship between Janice and Jacob in this passage. He hoped that after Janice calmed down, he could understand the implications of his words.

The old lady raised Phoenician for a while, and she couldn’t bear to see how painful phoenixian was.

She complained about Zhan Tingye’s two sentences: “You are a father, you can educate her no matter what. You should not poke her scars.”

Zhan Tingye disagrees, “Hmph, I think this daughter is a white-eyed wolf. She was raised for nothing.”

Silvia’s eyes shot a cold light, “Master, you can’t say that. Miss Janice is beautiful and intelligent, and the elder brothers outside have coveted her beauty for a long time.”

After a pause, her eyes were suddenly cold: “Doesn’t the master want to cooperate with the Tian family in Yancheng? The Tian family has a son who is a perfect match for Miss Janice. Why not just match them up? Isn’t it the best of both worlds?”

Zhan Tingye said, “The Tian family was originally a small family, but it was just stepping on the shoulders of your Yan family to climb up. Only then can you become the No. 1 wealthy family in Yancheng. If Janice can climb this family, it would be beautiful. One thing.”

The wife said: “But how did I hear that Tian’s son is a gambler who loves gambling?”

Zhan Tingye said: “Women’s opinion. You don’t care what he does, his family has a lot of work, and Janice has no worries about food and drink after marriage.”

The lady stopped talking.


Jacob was lying in bed for a morning break, but his eyes always swept to the busy figure in the ear room.

Irene is packing her clothes.

Jacob’s eyes became colder and colder.

He asked her to roll up her baggage and leave tomorrow, but it was just a joke. Did she really listen to it?

Irene walked out of the ear chamber after packing up. Seeing Jacob’s double pupils staring wide and looking at the ceiling with resentment, Irene felt very puzzled.

“President, can’t you sleep?” She walked over and asked cautiously.

Jacob squinted at her, resentful, “What are you doing? How can people sleep with so much noise?”

Where did Irene know his mind, and honestly said: “I’m packing my clothes.”

Jacob sneered, “Why, want to go?”

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