Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 580

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Chapter 580

And among the grass!

Those two paparazzi felt cold all over at this moment.

That’s it!

Two bodyguards were seriously injured, and the top ten martial arts masters all lost!

Their gazes looked at Kelly compassionately, as if they had seen the sad scene of the national goddess’s death.

Especially at this moment!

Under the horrified gazes of the two of them, they saw the blood wolf’s claws waved, and instantly pointed at Kelly, then sneered and said to Kong Sheng:

“Now, giving you one last chance!”

“Say that person’s name, otherwise, I will tear Kelly’s neck!”


After hearing this, Kong Sheng’s complexion instantly seemed as ugly as dead gray.

Dense sweat flowed violently from his forehead.


Still not talking?

At this moment, Kong Sheng was completely in a dilemma.

Although he knew that Shaun had also reached the level of a grandmaster that Fei Ye wounded, he was not sure whether Shaun could defeat the blood wolf or not.

Once he says Shaun’s name, if he harmed Shaun, then he would really die.

And if he doesn’t say it, then Kelly will definitely die.

“Master Kong, don’t say it!”

On Kelly’s beautiful and pretty face, there was no trace of fear, but with a smile on the corner of her mouth she said:

“Don’t worry, If I died, someone will avenge me!”

Kelly didn’t know who was the master who taught Kong Sheng.

She only knew that she didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore.


After her death, she even knew that there was a man who would avenge herself, which was enough.


However, when he heard Kelly’s words, the blood wolf’s complexion completely changed, a trace of fierceness and cruelty appeared in his eyes:

“What a national goddess, she is so reckless! If so, then I will kill you and see who dares to avenge you!”

Blood Wolf is extremely cruel.

In his eyes, if anyone dares to disobey him, there is only one dead end.

The moment the words fall!


The steel wolf claws flew out suddenly, then faced Kelly’s neck in front of him, and he tore away severely.


“Madam Kelly!!!”


Seeing this scene, no matter it was Kong Sheng, Hu Zi, Hei Zi, and others, they all uttered sadly.

They were unable to help Kelly, they could only watch, such a beautiful goddess of the nation fell in front of them.


That strong death breath has completely enveloped Kelly.

However, her heart was so peaceful.

At this moment, she was as if she had returned to the Caribbean three years ago. In her mind, she was full of the figure of that man.

“Mr. Lin, I like you. If you are not destined for me in this life, see you in the next life!”

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