Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 627

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Chapter 627

“Listen well, my male god is the founder of Media Asia-Jacob.” At the mention of her brother’s name, Irene couldn’t help but smile proudly.

Peter seemed to be struck by lightning, his whole being stupid.

“What’s the matter with you?” Irene stretched out her hand and shook in front of the dead fish she had frozen.

Peter suddenly frustrated and yelled like crazy, “Jacob is your male god?”

Irene nodded fixedly.

Peter crumbled and hugged his head, looking as if the end of the world was coming.

Oh my god!

“I provoke him, I’m over, I’m over!”

Irene pouted her mouth and puffed her cheeks at Peter with dissatisfaction. “Although it is rumored that my brother has few words and bloody hands, it is all misinformation. In fact, my brother is just a little milk dog, gentle and harmless.”

Peter’s world has long been messed up, and he has become a little spiritless.

He took out a pack of skin care products from the makeup cabinet and stuffed it into Irene’s arms, and then began to order the guests.

“Irene, these skin care products are enough for you to use for more than half a year. Your face has fully recovered, so you don’t need to come to me again. Also, don’t tell anyone that I made your face.” Peter nearly pleaded. .

Irene didn’t even want Jacob to know her plastic surgeon. If he knew that she had suffered so much, her brother would feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry. I will keep it secret for you.”

“When you see me in the future, no matter where you are, you should treat it as if you don’t know me. Is it okay?”

Irene wondered, “Why? We are just normal friends, isn’t it shameless?”

Peter pushed her out, “You will understand later. Goodbye.”

After Peter pushed Irene out, he immediately locked the door. It’s like a ghost standing outside the door.

Irene wondered, “Why is Peter so frightened when he hears Jacob’s name?”

“Coward.” Irene shouted into the door.

Peter didn’t dare to return to her at all.

Irene returned to the Rolls-Royce with the skin care products, and Gao Feng raised her wrist to look at her watch, slightly surprised, “So fast?”

“Yeah.” Irene put the pocket casually on the back seat.

Hayate’s eyes fell on the brand name, and while driving, he searched for the price of the bag and sent it to the president’s mobile phone.

Then, Haifeng pinched a cold sweat for Irene.

The wife actually accepted a gift from a strange man worth nearly ten million. This relationship is extraordinary!

If the president sees this bag of things, he’s afraid to panic.

At dawn, Irene returned to Xiangdingyuan.

She tiptoedly pushed open the bedroom door, originally thinking that Jacob was in a sweet sleep. However, the wall lamp that was suddenly turned on made Irene’s footsteps stagnate.

“President, are you awake?”

Sitting on the bed, Jacob’s eyes fell on the bag held in Irene’s arms.

Hayate just sent a message saying that these skin care products are the platinum products that ladies love most. The value is nearly ten million.

Haifeng also sent him the back of that man. When the dead man saw his woman, he only wore a bullet shell. Don’t mention how angry Jacob was.

He was depressed for most of the day, but at the moment he saw this pile of things even more irritated.

“Back?” He asked lightly.

The tone was light and fluttering. If there is a low magnetic sound, it seems like nothing. But lingering in Irene’s ears, Irene felt that the air around her seemed to be frozen.

She was keenly aware that Jacob’s mood seemed a bit bad.

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