Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 626

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Chapter 626

Haifeng remembered the president’s instructions, opened the video window with the president, and chatted with Irene in a hurry.

“Miss, where are you going?”

“Pengshan Hotel.”

The wind is stunned, the hotel?

No wonder the president will give such instructions?

The wife went to the hotel to date with a man in the middle of the night.

“Such bad weather can’t stop the lady from going to the hotel for appointments. Presumably the person she wants to see is very important, right?”

“Yeah.” Irene nodded absently.

Peter is the one who changed her whole life. Except for Brother Jie, he is the most important to her.

Haifeng was full of sweat. He can foresee the explosion of the fire buried in the president’s heart.

“Miss, the president is inconvenient to move, you can’t leave him for too long. Otherwise, you know the president’s temper. If it makes him unhappy, the lady may not be able to hang on in the imperial capital.” Haifeng reminded Irene vaguely.

Irene seemed to deliberately said in order to let Jifeng take a pill, “I won’t delay it long.”

Haifeng’s face was even uglier.

Does that kind of thing take long?

As the communication continued, Haifeng felt that the president’s head was covered with greenery.

After Rolls Royce drove to the Pengshan Hotel, Irene pushed the car door and ran away.

Hayate made a helpless expression at the president in the video.

Jacob’s face was pale, he snapped up the vase on the bedside table and smashed it on the wall cabinet of the opposite Duobao Pavilion. Those precious treasures fell to the ground and turned into fragments.

Obviously, the room that was clean and orderly and spotless immediately became messy.

But the culprit, Irene, didn’t know that she had caused such a disaster, so she ran straight to Peter’s hotel room.


The knock on the door was earth-shaking.

Peter opened the door, wearing only a pair of bullet pants and a bath towel.

Irene didn’t look at him at all, but anxiously urged, “Hurry up, my male god brother is still waiting for me.”

Peter closed the door…

In the corridor, Hayate Hawk’s eyes were cold and cold.

Irene looked back and saw Peter standing in front of her half fruitfully, dumbfounded.

Then there is a scream like a pig…

“Irene, you are crazy. I dressed like this and opened the door to you, do you think I was going to soak you?”

Irene calmed down, “Yes, you have to think about me badly. It should have started two years ago.”

Peter’s nose bleeds violently, and he sits on the ground and sighs bitterly.

“I traveled all the way to the imperial capital to be abused, how can I not think about it?”

Irene turned her back to him, and said in a bad mood: “Go and put on the clothes. With such a low body, still have a face?”

Peter was depressed, “Damn, you broke my nose and hit my figure. Why should I be nice to you?”

Irene laughed happily, “You don’t need to be inferior. The main reason is that my male god is too arrogant and you can’t compare with him, but you are still good compared to other men.”

Peter sneered, “I am a plastic surgeon, and my knowledge of the human body is better than anyone else. I don’t believe that there is a man in this world who has a better figure than me? Who is your male god?”

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