Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 584

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Chapter 584


This arrogant sentence, made the blood wolf startled.

He got completely angry.

For him, he is the only one who is arrogant, but now this is the first time he has seen someone who dares to be arrogant in front of him.

At the moment, the blood wolf stretched out his scarlet tongue and licked his chapped lips, his eyes bursting with a high-pitched war spirit:

“Okay! Very good! You are very arrogant, then I will also let you die very bleak!”

That’s it!

The blood wolf loosened his palm and threw the other wolf claw to the ground.

Then, in the solemn sight of everyone, he knelt down and opened his snakeskin bag.

Snakeskin bag!

Seeing this scene, Kong Sheng and others next to him shrank their pupils.

They have heard all the rumors about blood wolf.

T-shirts, jeans, canvas shoes, snakeskin bags!

This is standard for Blood Wolf.

Almost every time he performed a killing mission, the blood wolf would carry a snakeskin bag on his back, but he has never opened it once.

No one knows what is in this snakeskin bag.

What made Kong Sheng and the others unimaginable was that at this moment, Master Lin had just appeared, and actually forced the blood wolf to this level.

“Could it be that Master Lin is also a top master?”

Thinking of this, Kong Sheng and other top ten martial arts masters, their eyes suddenly lit up.

And beside!

After Huzi and Heizi saw this scene, a deep bitterness appeared at the corners of their mouths.

“Hei…Heizi, I was wrong! I was really wrong!”

Huzi seemed to be slapped hard.

Before, in his eyes, Shaun was just a guy who knew three-legged cat kung fu, nothing more.

Even Madam Kelly told that if he and Heizi joined together, still they cannot be able to beat Shaun. He survived three moves, and he was even angrier.

But now!


He was completely convinced.

Not to mention three moves, Hu Zi can be sure that even if he and Hei Zi joined together, it will be difficult for them to survive a single move.

“I also took it! I really didn’t expect that he was so young that he would have reached the level of a top-level grandmaster, and even forced the blood wolf to use a unique trick!”

Heizi looked at Shaun’s back, full of awe and admiration at this moment.

And just when the two were talking!


A loud sound rang through, and everyone immediately saw that the blood wolf took out two things from the snakeskin bag.

One piece is a shell!

Another thing is a thorn!

“This is a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoiseshell?”

After seeing the armor, Kong Sheng and others could hardly believe their eyes.

A thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise has an extremely hard shell, especially with the more lines on the tortoiseshell, which means that the tortoiseshell is harder.

And now!

The mysterious tortoiseshell that the blood wolf took out was crisscrossed and densely packed. It was definitely the shell of a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise, without a doubt.

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