Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 583

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Chapter 583

“Damn it!”

And seeing the man in front of him, who was still talking and laughing with Kelly, blood wolf’s complexion instantly became extremely gloomy.

He couldn’t imagine that in the last step of killing Kelly, a Cheng Yaojin was killed halfway through.

“Lin…Master Lin!”

And at this moment, Kong Sheng and others nearby also screamed one by one.

Master Lin!

After hearing the name, the blood wolf got stunned for a moment, all the anger in his heart disappeared instantly, and he got overjoyed:

“Hahaha… It turns out that you are the grandmaster behind Kong Sheng!”

“Good! Since you are here, then die for me!”

That’s it!

The blood wolf was pulling the iron chain in his palm, stepping fiercely, and then trying to pull his wolf claws back.

It was just a scene that made him stunned.

No matter how much force he exerted, the wolf claws caught by Shaun’s big hand were still motionless.

This is impossible!

The pupils of Blood Wolf shrank suddenly.

His complexion turned red, and he used almost all the strength of his body, but still, there was no effect.

“You… want to kill me?”

A touch of sorrow appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth.

His big hand suddenly exerted force.

Then, in the incredible eyes of the blood wolf and everyone.


The sound of steel cracking burst out.

Everyone was shocked to see that the steel wolf claw caught by Shaun unexpectedly showed cracks like a spider silk web.

till the end!


The entire wolf claw burst into pieces in an instant, turning into pieces of iron slag, splashing and breaking down from Shaun’s hands.

“This is impossible!”

The blood wolf was so frightened that he retreated several steps.

His eyes looked at the pieces of steel on the ground, and he could hardly believe his eyes.

His wolf claws are made of 100 refined steel.

Not to mention the palm of a person.

Even if it is crushed with a tank, it may not be able to crush it, but now, this guy in front of him has squeezed it with just one hand.

How is this possible!


At this moment, after seeing his wolf claws crushed by one hand, the blood wolf immediately felt that the roots of the hair on his body got stood upside down.

The boundless sense of crisis surfaced in his heart, and it immediately made him retreat several steps.

He looked at Shaun, full of solemnity:

“Boy, you… who are you?”

The blood wolf has killed many grandmasters.

He can be sure that the guy in front of him is definitely not an ordinary master character, otherwise, he would never squeeze his wolf claws.

Hearing this!

Shaun smiled slightly and walked towards the blood wolf:

“My identity?”

“You are not qualified to know yet!”

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