Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 582

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Chapter 582


When Fu Ming’s words fell, the young master on the other end of the phone got completely withered.

He was trembling with fright, and was instantly dull to the woman under him, and quickly said in a trembling voice:

“Open the video!”

“Fu Ming, you hear me? Hurry up and open the video and let me see what’s happening!”

Hearing this, Fu Ming didn’t dare to neglect and quickly turned on the video.

Suddenly, at the other end of the video, a young man with triangular eyes, naked, just got up from the belly of an enchanting woman.

That enchanting woman seemed to be unsatisfied, the whole enchanting fruit girl who looked like a water snake wanted to entangle the young master.

“f*ck you!”

The young master was full of anger, and he kicked the enchanting woman out. Then he turned his head and cursed at Fu Ming:

“Have you seen enough of special codes? Let me quickly see what happened!”

“Yes…Yes! Master!”

In the video, Fu Ming glanced hard at the enchanting body of the naked woman, secretly swallowed spit, and then turned on the external camera, and shot towards Hilton’s door.

When the video shot was switched, the young master immediately saw what was happening at the door of Hilton from the video.

At this moment, at the door of Hilton, the seriously injured Jiangnan masters opened their eyes in shock, staring in the direction of Kelly, as if they couldn’t believe what happened.

Even blood wolf was struck by lightning, completely stunned.


Kelly closed her eyes, her eyebrows frowned slightly.

She originally thought that she was going to die, and she would definitely be scratched by the blood wolf’s claws, but now, why is there no trace of pain.

Thinking of this!

Kelly slowly opened her eyes and looked forward in confusion.

And until then.

She was stunned to discover that a thin figure appeared in front of her don’t know when.

He stood in front of her like a mountain, guarding her behind him.

“Lin… Mr. Lin?”

Kelly got stunned.

At this moment, she even suspected that, like a dream, she couldn’t think of how this man appeared again at the most critical moment.

Not only that!

Kelly also saw that Shaun’s hand grasped the sharp and unmatched wolf claw firmly under his hand as if it was just holding a child’s toy, which was shocking.

“Little girl, it seems you owe me another life!”

Shaun turned his head and smiled at Kelly.

And this gentle smile fell on Kelly’s beautiful eyes, instantly making her eyes moist.


A trace of warmth flowed through Kelly’s heart. At this moment, in her eyes, Shaun seemed like her protector, so noble and majestic.

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