Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 581

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Chapter 581

A faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. For her, it would be worthwhile to meet that man in this life.


A teardrop fell from the corner of Kelly’s eyes. She closed her eyes and waited for death to come.

Three meters!

one meter!

Half a meter!

Almost in the blink of an eye, the death wolf claw had already pierced in front of her.

It will take one second to tear her neck apart!

But at this moment!

A big hand, as if out of the void, suddenly protruded and then grabbed the wolf claw in his hand.

In the Rolls-Royce car.

After seeing that the blood wolf was so easy to act, he severely wounded Kong Sheng, Fu Ming’s heart almost popped out of his throat.

He shouted excitedly at the young master on the phone:

“Master! Kong Sheng is over, hahaha, the next one is Kelly!”

After he finishes!

The young man on the phone, the heavy breathing, and the woman painfully screamed.

It seems that feeling the situation here, the young on the other side of the phone is struggling.

“Quickly, tell me what is going there!” The young master seemed to be getting excited and said on the phone.

And this sentence made Fu Ming feel hot, swallowing and spitting, then said:

“The blood wolf seems to be threatening Kong Sheng with Kelly’s life!”

“Huh? Kelly seems to refuse something!”

“Hahaha…Master, the blood wolf has taken action!”

That’s it!

In the voice of Fu Ming, there is an excitement fluctuation that is difficult to conceal:

“Master, Kelly is dead, her neck is about to be torn apart by blood wolf claws…”


Fu Ming’s word “tear” was not finished yet, but his voice stopped abruptly.

He seemed to have seen something incredible, and the whole person completely forgot to continue.


This scene made the young man on the other end of the phone almost crazy.

For him, Kelly’s head flew up was the moment which he wanted to hear got completely erupted.

But he couldn’t think that his butler had dropped the chain at a critical moment.

“Fu Ming, what are you doing? I haven’t vented yet!”

In the voice of the young master, there was a strong violet color.

This sentence caused Fu Ming’s whole body to shudder.


He didn’t care about his young master’s rage, instead, he swallowed spit and said in disbelief:

“Young Master! Something happened!”


As soon as these words came out, the young master on the other end of the phone instantly softened.

It’s just more than that.

“The wolf claws of the blood wolf got caught by a hand!”

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