Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 656

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Chapter 656

Guan Xiao’s face was embarrassed, “Zhantingye alliance Bai clan, Tian clan encircled and suppressed Media Asia. Media Asia is struggling this time.”

Jacob reminded: “The Bai family has our people.”

The official Xiao Rudi gave initiation: “Bai Suyuan.”

Ever since Jacob helped Bai Suyuan embarrassed Bai Shutang several times, the performance of the Bai clan fell again and again, and Bai Shutang’s right to speak in the Bai clan became increasingly lower, but Bai Suyuan became the upstart of the Bai clan.

Jacob said quietly, “The Bai family is someone else’s after all.”

Guan Xiao has a deep understanding: “The reason why we handed over those important parts to Zhan’s foundry was because the president believed Zhan Huan was one family. But now, Zhan’s revenge on Media Asia frantically is chilling. , We at Media Asia must develop parts processing business by ourselves.”

However, Jacob came up with a brilliant idea and said, “Leave this to Yan Shi. Huanya Whip is beyond reach.”

“But Yan Shi is not ours either…”

Jacob knew that Guan Xiao was worried that Yan’s Yan clan would repeat Zhan Huan’s old ways, and said, “If you put your heart in your stomach, this situation will not happen again.”

Guan Xiao sighed silently.

The president was dazzled by love.

“But no one in Yan can take on this role?”

“Old lady Yan is recovering well. His mind has been sober. Putting this tiger back into Yancheng with financial assistance from Media Asia, Yan will definitely be able to make a comeback soon.”


Jacob has always been careful, and guessed that Zhan Tingye would spare no effort to envoy Huanya. Immediately told the officer, “Go to Bai’s overnight to negotiate the project contract. Remember, the longer the contract, the better the weight of the liquidated damages. Two years later, Yan’s presumably has matured and no company can threaten. To our Media Asia.”

Guan Xiao also has a keen business sense, “I will go right away.”

When Guan Xiao was about to leave, Jacob suddenly stopped him.


Guan Xiao turned back, but Jacob did not speak for a long time. He just closed his eyes to rest his mind, and seemed to be meditating.

Guan Xiao knew that whenever this was the time, the president would have a groundbreaking plan.

After a long time, Jacob opened his eyes and said quietly: “The Zhan Group has to charge some interest for stealing the fruits of my labor?”

Guan Xiao was overjoyed: “President, I thought you cared about your bloodline and closed your eyes to Zhan’s bullying.”

Jacob’s voice is long and far-reaching, enveloping an unpredictable mood. “If someone respects me a foot, I will pay them back a foot. This is called reciprocity!”

Guan Xiao wanted to laugh. Every time the president retaliated against others, the reason was always high-sounding.

Jacob clenched his fists quickly, “Guan Xiao, do you know the truth about knowing yourself and the enemy?”

Guan Xiao smiled indifferently, “President, I know all the merchants that Zhanshi Group cooperates with. I also know all the industrial chain structure of Zhanshi Group. As long as the president says a word, the gap between Zhanshi Group and Zhanshi Group will grow.”

“Don’t be too obvious. Let him taste the sweetness first. Only when this person stands tall will he fall more painfully.”

Guan Xiao was stunned. It seemed that the father-son relationship between the president and Zhan Tingye had faded.

“I listen to you, the president.” Guan Xiao said.

The next day, the sun rose slowly.

Zhan Tingye’s car appeared downstairs in the Central Building of the Bai Group.

Zhan Tingye has been in the market for a long time, and he also knows that his war with Jacob is racing against time.

He wants to cut off the holes made by Media Asia as quickly as possible, making it difficult for Media Asia to move forward.

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