Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 657

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Chapter 657

As soon as Bai Shutang arrived at the gate of the building, he was intercepted by Zhan Tingye.

“Cousin Shu.”

Bai Shutang smiled, “Oh, it’s Brother Ting Ye. I heard that Brother Ting Ye has been very energetic recently.”

Zhan Tingye smiled and said, “But I heard that Shutang, your position in the Bai family is precarious.”

Bai Shutang’s old face sank, “Hmph, thanks to your son. My title of chairman is just a vain name now.”

Zhan Tingye approached Bai Shutang and hid the knife in his smile, “Does Cousin Shu want revenge?”

Bai Shutang had long heard that Zhan Tingye had broken with Jacob and his son, but he didn’t expect it to be true.

“Could Ting Ye brother come to help me?”

Zhan Tingye said: “Let’s talk in another place.”

The two moved to Bai Shutang’s office, and Zhan Tingye said, “As long as Cousin Shu does me a favor, I promise you will be in charge of the entire Bai family again.”

“What’s busy?”

“Media Asia and Zhan Shi broke. Some of the chip parts needed by Media Asia’s high-tech smart products were cut off by Zhan. Presumably Media Asia will seek Bai’s cooperation. As long as Brother Shu refuses to cooperate with Media Asia, we Zhan’s You can transfer the processing authority of many products to Bai’s.” Zhan Ting Ye said.

Bai Shutang remembered that he hated Jacob’s suppression of him, and accepted it without thinking about it, “Okay.”

In order to show his sincerity, Bai Shutang immediately called his secretary. “Go and call the president.”

The secretary said: “The president is holding a general meeting of shareholders.”

Bai Shutang was startled slightly, “Why didn’t you notify me?”

The secretary said: “The chairman came late, they opened before you waited.”

Bai Shutang had a bad hunch and looked at Zhan Tingye, “Could it be that Shao Zhan was the first to board?”

Zhan Tingye contemplated for a moment, then shook his head and said, “Year Irene had something to do with him. He was so anxious that he might not care about the company’s survival?”

Zhan Tingye just didn’t believe it, and Jacob would be more thoughtful than him.

Bai Shutang suggested: “Brother Ting Ye, it is better for you and me to go to the shareholders meeting and announce plan by the way. I think the shareholders meeting will be happy to see your plan come true.”

“it is good.”

When the two people came to the general meeting of shareholders, the door of the hall just opened, and Guan Xiao just walked out, still holding a thick stack of contracts.

Seeing Zhan Tingye, Guan Xiaojun ya smiled. Ridiculed: “Master Zhan, you are late.”

Zhan Tingye’s face was blue and white, very ugly.

But soon, Zhan Tingye smiled relieved and asked Bai Suyuan behind Guan Xiao, “Suyuan, how many years has the contract of Media Asia been signed?”

Bai Suyuan smiled warmly: “Two years.”

Zhan Tingye was slightly startled, it seemed that Jacob had already smelled Zhan’s badness.

But a two-year contract has pros and cons.

Zhan Tingye sneered: “Mean Asia’s funds have been staked on this chip, don’t you want to develop other businesses?”

Guan Xiao smiled and said: “Master Zhan, you are wrong. We only pay a very small deposit, and we will pay the balance when we deliver.”

Zhan Tingye’s smile condensed.

In this way, Media Asia will have no financial pressure.

Bai Shutang reprimanded Bai Suyuan, “Suyuan, can you sign a contract like this. What if they turn back at Huaya? The materials that Bai bought will be rotten.”

Bai Suyuan said: “Dad, don’t worry. The contract penalty is very high, we can’t afford it, nor can Media Asia.”

Bai Shutang and Zhan Tingye were dumbfounded together.

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