Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 733

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Chapter 733

“I’ll talk later.” Jacob said.

When Jin Cao returned to his life, he told the truth about the game between him and Yu Chengqian.

Jacob is more interested in Yu Chengqian’s identity,

However, thinking that the rival not only has a good-looking skin, extraordinary courage, but may even be a richer gold master. Jacob was not happy anymore.

He was really worried that Yu Chengqian would take away Irene’s heart when he and Irene had a rift.

In order to protect his little cabbage from being overwhelmed by the Golden Pig, Jacob decided to use some extraordinary methods.

He sent a text message to Irene: “I’m going on a business trip for a while. Can you go home and take care of the next three children? They miss you very much.”

Use the child’s presence to remind her all the time that she is a married woman.

Irene was sitting in the conference hall of Yinian Chongzhen, and was giving a meeting to employees. Ignore the vibration of the phone.

Jacob did not wait for her reply and became extremely anxious. “Ye Feng, send me to Yan Chongzhen.”

When Ye Feng pushed Jacob to Yinian Chongzhen, the front desk saw Jacob, his eyes widened with an unbelievable expression.

The president of Media Asia actually patronizes their small company?

Ye Feng asked the front desk, “Is Miss Yan here?”

The front desk pointed to the conference hall in front, and stammered excitedly: “The president is in a meeting.”

Jacob frowned, Irene became Yan’s CEO? It seems that the old lady is very clear in her heart that Irene is not for business. It’s just suffering.

Ye Feng said: “My president wants to see her. Could you please inform me?”

The front desk was fascinated by Jacob’s handsome face, and he responded without thinking. “Yes.”

Then she ran away shyly.

Ye Feng was stunned and teased, “This front desk lady is more like an employee of Media Asia. If you are responsive to us, you are not afraid of Chongzhen’s boss firing her?”

Jacob said: “Small companies don’t have so many rules.”

The lady at the front desk was so excited that she pushed open the door of the conference hall, blushing and pressing on her pounding heart, shouting: “Sister Irene. Someone is looking for you.”

Irene stopped speaking and looked at the lady at the front desk, “Who?”

“You’ll know if you go and check it out. Maybe, we Chongzhen will soar into the sky in the future.” The receptionist said mysteriously.

Irene handed the remaining speech manuscripts to Irene, “For the rest, I will check it out.”

Irene walked out of the meeting room, still wondering who the person was, and even the little sister at the front desk was so excited.

Irene walks fast. She wears professional attire, a white dress with a green hip skirt, which looks intellectual and elegant.

When she scanned the two men at the secretary desk, she was slightly startled, then turned around and walked back.

It turned out to be Jacob?

“Miss Yan, don’t you do business if you come?” Ye Feng suddenly opened his throat.

Irene paused, exhaled, turned her head, and turned back.

“Then the shareholder wind will blow the war master?” She stood in front of the wheelchair and joked with a forced smile.

“This is not a place to talk.” Jacob was stared uncomfortably by the nympho secretary.

Irene couldn’t help but want to laugh, but still led him away from the secretary desk. “Come with me.”

She brought Jacob into her office, and after Ye Feng waited for Irene and the president to enter, he closed the door for them, and he himself stood guard outside like a door god.

“What are you doing here for me?” Irene asked with her back against the desk and arms around, looking at Jue Zhan Han.

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