Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 732

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Chapter 732

Irene stepped forward and suddenly bent her leg up.

Yu Chengqian didn’t expect that Irene would do this to him. Before she could dodge, he couldn’t help bending over and snorting, “Irene. How dare you…”

Irene said: “I most hate the villain who gets down on the ground while others are in danger.” Then she turned and left angrily.

Irene and the old man hit a taxi and left.

Yu Chengqian looked at the leaving woman, the expression on his face was indescribable.

Isn’t this woman upright with Sanguan?

After a long time, the corners of his lips curled up, and he really liked her more and more.

Yu Chengqian came to the parking lot and parked a sports car next to his Mercedes.

The driver wears a peaked cap, sunglasses, and earplugs in his ears. He is listening to music, and his whole body is shaking with rock music.

After Yu Chengqian got into the car, an alarm sounded from his mobile phone. “Master, sensed the GPS locator.”

Yu Chengqian cast his sharp eyes on the sports car, “Brother, Jacob sent you here?”

The driver of the sports car took off his camouflage, revealing a sunny and handsome face.

Jin Cao smiled harmlessly, “Sir, how about a joke? I don’t know Jacob.”

Yu Chengqian smiled and nodded, “Really.”

Then he opened the door and got into his Mercedes-Benz.

Soon, Jin Cao discovered that the GPS positioning system he installed in the Mercedes-Benz was-jammed.

Yu Chengqian smiled triumphantly at him, then drifted, and the Mercedes Benz was thrown out.

“Come after me if you have a kind.”

Jincao started the sports car and followed closely.

In this way, a shocking scene was staged in the city.

A Mercedes-Benz runs in front, and a sports car runs in front.

Yu Chengqian’s face became more and more ugly. He originally thought that he would easily get rid of Jacob’s eyeliner, but he never expected that this person had some abilities.

In the imperial capital, the flow is bustling and there are so many stalls, Yu Chengqian has many scruples when driving. Despite this, his car still drives particularly aggressively and wildly.

The grass was sweating coldly, “Does this guy think this is a mountain road? Isn’t he afraid of hitting people if he drives so fast and turns so hard?”

Perhaps because of the inconvenience in the urban area, Yu Chengqian drove the car out of the city.

Jincao followed all the way.

Finally, when he came to the circling mountain road, the Mercedes-Benz was like a crazy lion, suddenly turning its head and bumping into Ferrari.

A narrow mountain road, the so-called narrow road meets the brave wins.

The grass riveted hard and stepped on the accelerator to meet him.

Yu Chengqian sneered on his lips, “It turned out to be someone who is not afraid of death.”

When the two cars were about to collide, Yu Chengqian’s Mercedes-Benz suddenly leaped and swept across the sports car body.

There was a cracking sound from the sunroof of the sports car.

Jincao’s pupils contracted, and the throttle was increased to the limit. The French sports car and Mercedes-Benz missed it.

The strong grass got out of the car, and the sports car suddenly burst into flames.

Yu Chengqian smiled fascinatedly at the Jincao that had escaped by chance. “Go back and tell Jacob, about Irene, I am going to make a decision.”

Then the Mercedes Benz whistled away.

Jin Cao called Jacob and was frustrated: “President, I failed. His car must be equipped with a much higher-end system than ours, which can sense our tracker. Moreover, when the two cars collided, his performance of the car is too good. My car has spontaneously ignited.”

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