Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 657

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Chapter 657



Hearing this, Cai Guoquan gritted his teeth with hatred.

He couldn’t imagine that he overturned the boat in the gutter and fell into the hands of a thief.

“Brother! Get revenge for me! I want that kid to be broken into pieces, and I want that woman to be tortured to death!!!”

Cai Guoquan felt the sharp pain in his limbs and roared like a beast.

Hearing this.

Cai Guofu smiled and said:

“Don’t worry! The reason why I asked Elvira to meet in Yunhai City is that I have heard of this woman’s beauty!”

“Furthermore, I have a friendship with Haibai of the Bai family. I will help the Bai family to give a lesson to that Lin!”

That’s it!

The sneer became more terrifying at the corners of Cai Guofu’s mouth:

“I just didn’t expect that Shaun would dare to beat my brother!”

“Okay! In that case, let that surname Lin face the death, and let that Elvira come under me! Hahaha…”

Cai Guofu’s laughing is extremely hideous and evil.

On the side of the hospital bed, Cai Guoquan was also extremely happy:

“Brother! Don’t forget me, I will be in a wheelchair tomorrow, and I will watch you get on that Elvira! Hahaha!”

At this moment, the brothers Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan glanced at each other, and a thick lewd smile appeared on their faces.

When they discussed all this properly, Cai Guofu’s expression condensed slightly, and said solemnly:

“However, I have one more important thing to do tomorrow!”


Cai Guoquan was taken aback, and then asked curiously:

“Brother, what else is more important than killing Shaun and having Elvira!”

“Today I got shocking news!” Cai Guofu’s face showed deep fear and awe and he said:

“Today, we also had a big man in Yunhai City! Although this person is not at the national level, he has a super existence that puts the whole Yunhai City in sensation!”

“Even, the two giant groups of the Fei family and the Qi family, as well as the underground giants such as King Kong were shocked!”


With this sentence, Cai Guoquan on the hospital bed shivered from the fear.

Both brothers have some power in their city and can be regarded as powerful people in Yunhai city.

But as compare to giants such as the Fei family, Qi family, and King Kong, both brothers are weak as ants.

Just a single word from those giants can eliminate their existence.

But now, Cai Guoquan can’t even imagine who is that person who can make the Fei Family, Qi Family, King Kong, and other giants all shake.

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