Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 731

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Chapter 731

After the old lady finished the re-examination, Irene helped the old lady out of the Huanya Hospital.

Yu Chengqian followed them, lowered his head, as if thinking about something.

Irene suddenly turned around and walked in front of him angrily, “Yu Chengqian!” The rough voice interrupted Yu Chengqian’s contemplation.

Yu Chengqian raised his eyes and looked at her grinningly.

When she is angry, she puffs her cheeks and makes her look very cute.

She was the first woman who dared to call him by full name.

He used to have zero tolerance for women who disrespect him. But for Irene, he tolerated her everywhere. He even subconsciously felt that he was the one who admired her undaunted personality.

“Let’s talk.” Irene dropped this sentence and walked to the side.

Yu Chengqian put his hands in his trouser pockets and followed with a lazy expression.

Irene raised her eyes to look at him, with a serious expression on her face and said: “Yu Chengqian, I am very grateful that you saved me. I will remember this kindness forever. However, I will not marry you. You died early. With this heart, I don’t want you to waste time on me.”

Yu Chengqian laughed, “Irene, it is too early for you to come to such a conclusion. People will change, and you don’t love me today. It doesn’t mean that you won’t fall in love with me tomorrow. I am very confident and I will let you fall in love with me.”

Irene is one head and two big ones, “Why are you so stubborn?”

After thinking about it, it’s better to tell him her love for Jacob than Jin Jian. Irene said: “You just saw that the person I like is President Zhan Shao of Media Asia. I have liked him since I was ten. In my life, except for him, I won’t like other men.”

“He is just a handicapped person. Whether he is humane or not is one thing.” Yu Chengqian sneered.

Irene couldn’t hear anyone say bad things about Jacob, and immediately shot out with a fist. The fist hit Yu Chengqian’s eye, which immediately turned into a panda eye.

Irene said angrily: “Don’t speak ill of him.”

Yu Chengqian’s face was ugly, “I’ve asked. You have been dumped by him. This kind of ungrateful man is worthy of you remembering him? Irene, you are guilty of being cheap.”

Irene’s eyes were reddish, “I know.”

Yu Chengqian was slightly startled——

This woman doesn’t really think that Jacob doesn’t like her, right?

He observed Jacob from the perspective of a man. Jacob was nervous about this woman.

As for the misunderstanding between them, it is not an issue that Yu Chengqian is concerned about.

What Yu Chengqian was thinking at the moment was that he had to make the misunderstanding between the two people worsen before he could take advantage of the fire.

“Where is he? Make you love him so much?” Yu Chengqian asked.

Irene burst into tears, “He has no faults.”

Yu Chengqian smiled and said, “He dumped you. Isn’t this a shortcoming?”

Irene bit her lip and said, “He has only done this wrong thing in his entire life.”

Therefore, Irene would subconsciously feel that Jacob’s abandoning her was a very unreal thing, and she would even feel that this was his helpless move.

Yu Chengqian saw Irene’s beautiful eyes holding back tears and said distressedly, “Forget him, I will love you well.”

Irene shook her head.

How could she forget him?

Yu Chengqian held her thin shoulders and fixedly looked into her eyes, “Irene, if he makes you so painful, why not leave him? Life is short, why bother with love?”

Irene broke away from his hand and wiped tears sadly. Said: “He is in a difficult situation now, I will not leave him at this time.”

Yu Chengqian has a powerless feeling of hating iron but not steel.

“I will help him get out of the predicament…” A reluctance filled her eyes when Yu Chengqian said this.

Irene’s eyes widened, “Can you really help him?”

Yu Chengqian’s fox eyes filled with evil light, “But you must marry me.”

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