Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 656

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Chapter 656

Hearing his brother’s question, Cai Guoquan almost cried:

“Brother! This time I was planted on a hairy boy. His wife is very beautiful. I wanted her to accompany me, but I didn’t expect that she would be an imperial guest of Shengshi Hotel.”


Imperial guest!

When these words fell in Cai Guofu’s ears, he got amazed.

He knew that the holders of the Skeleton Emperor Card of the Shengshi Group, are the superb character in China.

Perhaps only those few supreme tycoons in Dragon City could hold it.

And now, how could that kind of character appear in our city.

“Impossible! Our Yunhai City is nothing more than a small third-tier city! If someone like a national-level boss comes, it should be in my knowledge!”

At this moment, Cai Guofu felt that something was wrong.

Now he asked carefully:

“Tell me, what does that woman look like? And the appearance of that man!”

Hearing this.

Cai Guoquan hurriedly narrated Elvira and Shaun’s appearance, dress, and accent.

Just after listening.

“I know who she is! Is she called-Elvira!”

Cai Guofu’s complexion was so gloomy that almost dripped water.


This name fell in Cai Guoquan’s ears, and it suddenly reminded him.

He remembered that He Sheng called that woman…Miss Elvira.

“Yes! Brother, that’s her! He Sheng, the chairman of Shengshi Hotel, called her Miss Elvira, and her husband Mr. Lin!”


After the confirmation, a trace of murderous intent burst out of Cai Guofu’s eyes.

“Brother! Do you know this woman?” Cai Guoquan asked excitedly.

“of course I know!”

Cai Guofu smiled coldly:

“Do you remember that I told you before that someone in Jiangshi wants to buy my Blue Ocean Building? This is the woman!”

“Elvira was originally the president of the Bai Group, but was removed from her post, so she is preparing to establish a new Group! Her husband, named Shaun, is the most famous in Jiang City, as a waste person! “


As soon as this remark came out, Cai Guoquan on the bed immediately burst his lungs.

He originally thought that the other party was a big figure at the national level, and he was even so frightened that he didn’t even dare to think of revenge.

But he couldn’t even dream that Shaun and Elvira were just ordinary people who were about to establish a new company in Jiangshi, nothing more.

“Brother! Then why do they have the Emperor Card of the Shengshi Group?” Cai Guoquan was a little surprised.

Hearing this.

Cai Guofu smiled coldly:

“I once heard about this incident from a guy named Lin Guangyao! It is said that this is Shaun who stole it!”

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