Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

When Jason and Faith heard the quarrel between Mommy and Janice, both children raised their heads nervously and looked at them.

Janice looked at Jason’s face that was so cold that there was no expression, and remembered how lovely he was in Jacob’s arms yesterday, and her heart was cut.

She endured her grief and tried her best to maintain her demeanor. “Sister-in-law, your appearance made Jason emotionally unstable. My brother invited a first-level expert from Media Asia to see a doctor. The diagnosis result was very unoptimistic. This child has changed from mild autism to azoospermia. I hope the Sister-in-law cares about how young and innocent the child is, and let the child go. Just follow my elder brother’s instructions and leave here!”

Janice’s love for Jason overflowed over her body. Grace smiled without anger.

When Jason heard that Janice said” he was ill”, he wrinkled his nose and scolded Janice very unceremoniously, “Nervous!”

He was obviously not ill, and sooner or later this neurotic aunt would kill him.

Janice was furious by Jason’s insensitivity. She raised her fist and walked like Jason, threatening him, “Jason, do you believe me to beat you?”

Jason ran into Grace’s arms, and Grace immediately hugged Jason.

Janice was shocked when she saw Jason’s reliance on Grace’s neck.

Grace was very friendly with Janice, “Miss Zhan, you misunderstood me.”

Janice looked at Grace, who looked solemn. She was so serious, as if it was an insult to her that she lied.

Suddenly Janice took out the phone, and she wanted to personally ask her elder brother to verify that Jason had left Haitian Yise to crush Grace’s lies.

After thinking about the ringing of the phone for a few times, she heard the man’s mellow and magnetically charming voice. “Hey…”

“Big Brother, where’s Jason?” Janice stared at Dou Da’s pupils and looked straight at Grace.

The phone side was obviously dull, and then she heard a slightly stunned voice from Jacob, “Jas is dining with me, what’s wrong?”

The expression in Janice’s provoking Grace’s eyes turned into panic, “What did you say?”

Grace was afraid that she would say something that shouldn’t be said, so she walked over and grabbed Janice’s phone call and cut it off.

Janice looked at Grace in a daze. After a long time, she heard her returning to her soul, “There are two battles?”

Then the various cross-texts in her head began to flood in her head again. “From autism to spermatozoa, from deprivation to avatar (body), oh my god, is this a realistic version of transcending fantasy?”

Jason stretched out his small hand and slapped Janice’s Tianling Gai heavily, “Drink medicine if you are sick.”

Faith immediately poured a glass of boiling water and handed it to Janice. “Auntie, it’s time to drink medicine.” Then she took out a handful of jelly beans and handed it to Janice.

Janice was embarrassed by Meng Bao’s operation, “I am not sick.” She said helplessly.

Jason asked her, “Heaven is a reincarnation!”

Janice glared at Jason, “Does the brat talk to sister-in-law like this?”

Grace couldn’t help but ridicule Janicedao, “Miss Zhan, it feels uncomfortable to be treated as a mental patient if she is not ill?”

Janice was confused at this moment, and she begged Grace in a low voice. “Sister-in-law, tell me what happened? How come there are two battles suddenly?”

Grace showed a motherly gentle smile. Where there are two battles, they are clearly her two twin babies.

Faith was very kind, and blinked innocent eyes to explain to Janice, “There are no two Jason. One is called Jason, and the other is Derek!”

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