Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 76

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Chapter 76

“Two children?” Janice had an epiphany.

Grace nodded, and then seriously explained to Janice, “Yes, Jason and Derek are twin brothers. The taciturn, cold and handsome brother Jason. Lovely, cute, and handsome, the younger brother Derek. A few days ago, the two bear children secretly exchanged their identities without telling us, and the cold fighting and lovely Derek appeared in front of you alternately, causing you a lot of trouble.”

Before Grace finished speaking, Janice raised Jason’s face excitedly, and cheered happily, “So my Jason is not sick.”

“Yes, you are sick.” Jason did not have a good air.

Janice touched his face embarrassedly and apologized to Jason, “I’m sorry, Jason, it was all your sister who misunderstood you.”

Jason hated the little aunt touching his face the most, turned around and buried his face in Grace’s arms, seeking protection from Mommy.

After Janice was disgusted by her nephew Chi Guoguo, she was bitter and bitter about Jason, “Jason, why can your mom hug you, but aunt can’t?”

After teasing Hui Jason, Janice’s excitement was transferred to the angel baby Faith. Faith’s natural hair is slightly curly, her white skin can be broken by blows like fat like egg white, the watery autumn pupils are shining with innocent splendor, and her big eyes are like obsidian, bright and exquisite like stars and moons. The small mouth and the straight nose are as delicate as a doll.

Janice studied Faith Empress carefully, and loved her soft and cuteness. She walked over and picked up Faith and asked Grace, “Sister-in-law, who is this little angel? She is so cute, you don’t want to be the daughter-in-law of my warrior family!”

Grace laughed and laughed.

Jason handed Janice a silent roll of eyes, “Nervous.”

Janice was grieved by the grievances of Jason’s retribution of virtue, “Smelly boy, my aunt will find you a daughter-in-law, why are you crooked?”

Jason had a black face.

Faith giggled, “Auntie, are you a sc*mbag? Brother and sister can’t get married, don’t you know?”

Janice was despised and despised by Jason, and had already been hit hard. Didn’t expect such a soft and cute Mengbao to tease her for being a sc*mbag?

“How could I be a sc*mbag? My grades were good when I was in school! First place in the term.”

Jason unceremoniously revealed the short, “Countdown.”

Janice was not convinced, “Nonsense, positive.”

Faith said, “Oh, I see, is there only one student in my aunt’s class?”

Janice was almost vomiting blood for three liters by two Mengbao.

Faith ran over and took Jason’s hand, “Brother, let’s go play with toys.”

Jason fell from Mommy’s arms and swaggered past Janice, holding Faith’s hand.

Janice watched the scene of the two children holding hands, and came back to her senses quickly, her pupils staring like a bull, “Brother-brother and sister?”

The solution’s gaze shifted to Grace, “Sister-in-law, who is this little girl?”

Grace said, “My third child. Luo Zitong.”

Janice looked confused, “Sister-in-law, you remarried?”

Grace said, “One child has three treasures.”

Janice is petrified like a carving, “My brother is really amazing!”

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