Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Grace and Janice talked frankly and openly. For Grace, this conversation was tantamount to an important negotiation that affected the rest of her life. So even if it seemed to be a happy chat and laugh, she actually handled it carefully.

“Miss Zhan——”

Janice took Grace’s hand affectionately, and corrected, “Sister-in-law, you will call me by my name from now on. You are their mommy, and you will always be my sister-in-law. Don’t be so dismissive.

Grace changed her words and said sincerely, “Janice…you already know the existence of Derek and Faith. I don’t know what action you will take next? Should you tell Jacob and conceal it for me? The truth?”

Janice was a little puzzled, and said, “Why can’t I tell my brother? My brother, as the father of the child, has the right to know? Sister-in-law, if my brother knew about the existence of Derek and Faith, he would go crazy with joy. .”

Faith raised her head and said to Janice, “Daddy doesn’t like me. He said I am a wild girl without a tutor, and I don’t like him either. Humph.”

Janice stunned, the father and daughter have not officially met, and they have formed Liangzi?

Grace said in despair, “Your brother will go crazy with joy, but I will also die of sadness. Janice, it is true that your brother loves children, and it is true that he hates me. He will do it for the children and he will not hesitate to follow me. To the court. You said, he is overwhelmingly powerful, and I am humbled like an ant. What can I fight with him to snatch my children ?”

“Sister-in-law…” Janice gradually realized that Grace had carefully cherished Derek and Faith over the years, and perhaps only she knew the helplessness and sadness of it.

“Janice, I fell in love with your brother. It is a mistake of moths to fight the fire. I secretly gave birth to three children for him regardless of his wishes, and even touched his negative scales. He is now wishing that I will leave forever. His world. It is already a very sad thing for me to lose love, and it is even more sad to lose my dignity and dignity in front of him. I don’t want to lose my only contact with him-please, leave the child to me.”

There were tears in Grace’s eyes. She had never been so humble, but she knew that if Janice could not be persuaded to stand on her front, she would be defeated.


Janice held Grace’s hand, and saw Grace helplessly begging for mercy, and her heart also overflowed with a sour taste.

Falling in love with a man who doesn’t love hers is the fate of her and Grace.

She has also experienced this kind of humbleness that cannot be loved.

In order to pursue the love in her heart, her dignified eldest warrior traveled thousands of miles to visit her favorite man, but his first sentence was a cold accusation, “What are you doing?”

Her heart died at that moment.

Along the way, she imagined that the dream moved by her after he saw her burst like a bubble.

At that time she understood, love, you can never use your piety to wake up a man who doesn’t love you.

Grace was right to have such concerns, because she was so clear that she could not awaken her brother’s sleeping heart.

If a man loves you not enough, he will be more cruel and ruthless than a woman.

“Sister-in-law, don’t worry, this time, I will stand by your side no matter what might be the situation. However, can you promise me that even for the sake of the child, you will not sentence the eldest brother to death for the time being? Maybe Big Brother will slowly accept you, can you give him another chance?” Janice said arrogantly.

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