Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

A bullet pierced the bald knee in an instant, making him knelt on one knee with a thump.


So cruel!

Shaun’s brutality stunned everyone in the conference room. They had never seen a lunatic who shot at an incongruous word.

“Let’s talk! Who sent you?” Shaun’s voice was indifferent, but it fell in the ears of the bald policeman, like thunder.

Boundless fear emerged in the bald heart:

“We…we were ordered to arrest Shaun by a person! You…you can’t…”


Another gunshot resounded, and the other knee of the bald head also exploded a cloud of blood mist. He completely lost his support and fell to the ground on his hands.


The turbulent pain swept through every nerve of the bald head, and he screamed repeatedly in pain.

Then, the countdown to death begin!



Looking at the black muzzle above his head and listening to Shaun’s incomparably cold voice, the bald policeman was so frightened that he hurriedly cried:

“Don’t… don’t shoot! I said, our captain sent us!”

“Huang Tao is the nephew of our captain Zhong Bin! He said, you hurt Huang Tao, so you must get the punished!”


Hearing this, Elvira’s pretty face turned pale instantly.

Only then did she understand that these people had to handcuff people when they came in. It turned out that everything was because of Huang Tao’s uncle Zhong Bin.


A sneer appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth, his eyes flashed with ice cold:

“Since he wants to play, let’s play together!”

After speaking, Shaun turned his head and said to Elvira:

“I’ll go to the police station!”

The words fall.

Shaun grabbed one foot of the bald head, and then dragged him out of the meeting room like a dog.

Behind them, the two injured policemen, panicked and horrified, followed behind.

This scene is extremely weird.

Originally, Shaun was the target of arrest, but now, he is more like a hunter who arrested.

It was not until Shaun and others left that Elvira realized the seriousness of the problem:

“Broken! When Shaun went to the police station, it was like throwing himself into the net!”

“No! I’m going to call my dad and ask Grandpa together! Now, only if Grandpa personally comes forward, maybe the Huang family can be online!”

Thought of this.

Elvira hurriedly left the meeting room.

And seeing this scene, everyone in the conference room was chocked.

Just now, they were completely shocked by Shaun’s cruelty.

I never dreamed that this door-to-door son-in-law who had been ridiculed for three years would be so crazy and brutal when he did things.

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