Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

Grace smiled in relief.

Just mentioning Jacob, Grace’s bright smile became a bit bitter. She loved him for two lives, and said that forgetting him is easier ?

“I actually have been waiting for him in place.” Grace whispered.

Janice was completely impressed by Grace’s strong, persevering and persevering spirit. She admired Grace in five ways, “Sister-in-law, just say this to you. In this life, I will protect you to the end. You live with peace of mind. Here, I told my brother that you have already gone abroad.”

Grace gratefully said, “Janice, thank you.”

Janice said, “You gave me three cute nephews, I should thank you.”

Faith lay on the door panel and said pitifully, “Mommy, when will you finish chatting? Jason and I are waiting for you to feed.”

Grace realized that it was late, and immediately put on an apron and walked to the kitchen, “Mommy will make good food for you.”

“Sister-in-law, I want to eat too.”


Breakfast was tomato and egg noodles. Jason and Faith ate a full bowl. It was the first time Janice had such a simple breakfast, but Grace’s cooking skills were so good that Janice ate with relish.

“Sister-in-law, my brother’s eyes are smeared by bird droppings, don’t you want a woman like you? Look at you, go to the hall, go to the kitchen, Ikea and suitable room, how good!” Janice said nothing. Bragging about Grace, because she really cherished Grace for seeing each other late.

Grace smiled, “I really hope your brother’s eyes are covered by bird droppings. You said I am so close to his villa now, what if I accidentally bump into him someday?”

After Janice finished eating the noodles, she pushed the bowl, stood up, and said, “Sister-in-law, don’t be afraid, I will go to Haitian Yishi as an undercover agent. With me here, I promise to let you and my brother stay together. His prodigal son will not change his money!”

Grace felt quite relieved.

After Janice left Boiling City, she went straight to Huanya.

She felt sad when she remembered that her sister-in-law was alone with her two children and had to beware of the oppression from her elder brother at all times.

She decided to take the opportunity to ask her brother for a sum of money to give Grace the child support.

At this time, Jacob entered the office, glanced at the assistant’s desk, and went to the empty building. Very well, this woman finally left his world forever.

Turning on the computer, he suddenly remembered that in order to make things difficult for Grace, he hacked Kylin’s database as a hacker. If he doesn’t recover it by himself, it will probably take a long time for the people below to decipher his key.

Turning on the computer, Jacob was shocked to find that the network resumed operation.

Jacob looked at the computer screen and raised his eyebrows. Grace actually deciphered his key?

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