Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 79

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Chapter 79

A woman who was able to decipher his secret key prevented him from connecting her with the rumored vulgar and ignorant rural girl.

Janice knocked on the door, and Jue Zhan Han, who was in meditation, raised his eyes and nodded at her.

I couldn’t wait to ask, “Where is Grace?”

Janice squeezed an extraordinary smile at him.

“As you wish, she has already boarded the plane to the other side of the ocean. The plane flew to Indonesia at 6 and 9 in the morning. Brother, the only place where your overseas business has not been involved is probably only Indonesia, right? So you can rest assured. Worried, you will never see her again in your life.”

Jacob’s eyes filled with a complex and obscure look.

His curiosity towards her also ended with Grace’s departure from reason.

Janice stretched out her hand and handed it to Jacob, asking for credit, “Brother, I have done such a great favor for you, you must give me some reward, right?”

Jacob slapped her hand away, “Are you short of money?”

Janice nodded, “Lack, very scarce.”

She wants to buy a big house for Derek and Faith, and the Zhan Family cannot wrong every descendant.

She also wants to improve Grace’s economic situation, and also wants Derek and Faith to study in the best kindergarten——

Jacob looked at his sister doubtfully, “What do you want money for?”

“Raise a little white face.” Janice winked playfully at her brother.

Jacob got Goosebumps, “How much do you want?”

“50 million!” Janice gritted his teeth, and the lion opened his mouth.

Looking at Janice, Jacob used his rigorous thinking and logic to expose her lie, “I’m curious, what kind of brother-in-law did you find? In my worldview, the more expensive the man is, the less he needs it. Women post money?”

Janice completely released him on the way of discrediting herself, “Brother, it’s the top-flowing duck in the night-!”

Jacob turned black instantly.

Janice had to correct her attitude and said seriously, “Brother, I want to buy a villa.”

“Reason.” Jacob said.

“When I grow up, I want to have some privacy. When I am lonely at night, I can bring a man back to relieve my loneliness. It is not convenient to live at home.”

Jacob frowned, and Janice smiled. The more you talk, the less serious, “Our girl’s house is different from your men. You like five-finger girls, but we…”

Jacob really couldn’t listen anymore. He took out a diamond card from the drawer and threw it to Janice, “Go away!”

Janice’s immortal goal was achieved, she kissed the bank card, and said with joy, “I have money!”

Jacob taught her coldly, “Girls must clean themselves and love themselves.”

Before Jacob was possessed by the dean, Janice rushed out with the card.

Jacob recovered almost immediately. He seemed to have been fooled by the little girl Janice?

Janice matures prematurely, and has been smashed by Irene’s mixed fan since her teenage years.

However, Irene is a dastardly incomprehensible style. Changing his girlfriend is like changing his clothes. The only thing he doesn’t change is his friend of the same s3x who grew up in crotch pants-Fang Zhicao.

Jacob warned Irene: Either stay away from Janice or marry Janice with all his heart.

Irene chose to stay away from Janice.

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