Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 80

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Chapter 80

Janice was rejected by Irene no less than 300 times. But she just loves him unchangingly.

In order to get rid of Janice, Irene even swore a poisonous oath in front of her: “Miss Zhan, I beg you to let me go. I am not worthy of your liking. My sexual orientation is different from normal people. I don’t like women. Yes, I prefer men.”

Originally thought Janice would completely give up to him-Clinker Janice ran up to him dressed up as a little boy, vowing, “Big Brother Yan, you think I can be a man or a woman, offensive and acceptable, you choose me, I can cure your illness.”

Irene almost didn’t spray three liters of blood.

In this way, the two of them chased each other and fled. In the eyes of others, a pair of beautiful couples were born in this way from their teenage years to the remaining men and women.

If Janice can forget Irene and develop a good impression on other men, not to mention men, but have a little meaning towards other male animals, Jacob thinks Zhanjia should celebrate with champagne.

So Janice asked him what exactly was the purpose of asking for money?

Jacob connected the phone outside, “Guan Xiao, come here.”

Guan Xiao came to the president’s office, “President, what’s your order?”

“Find a clever private detective and keep an eye on Janice for me.”

Guan Xiao’s eyes were bigger than copper bells. How did the two brothers and sisters fall in love and kill each other?

“President, this is not easy to handle. She is a top student with a degree in criminal investigation. Investigating her may be more difficult than reaching the sky.”

Jacob disagreed, “You exalt her too much. She is the famous second lady in our Zhan family.”

Guan Xiao burst into sweat, the president’s venomous tongue is really not recognized by the six relatives.

“Yes. I’ll do it.” Guan Xiao left after speaking.

“Come back!” As if Jacob thought of something again, Guan Xiao turned back. I heard the president’s gloomy voice, “By the way, how is Grace’s mother?”

Guan Xiaowei was startled, and the president threw Grace to the place where the birds did not lay eggs, and humanity became radiant on the back foot, and he gave mercy to Grace’s mother?

“Back to the president, the patient’s condition is stable. In another week, the patient can be provided with a kidney transplant.”

“Okay. Starting from today, lift her isolation.”


Janice took the huge wealth blackmailed from Jacob, and immediately went to the children’s tribes in major shopping malls to loot them.

Finally, the large and small bags were thrown into the car, ready to drive the gifts back to Boiling City to Jason and Faith.

At the same time, Janice’s consumption record list was displayed in Jacob’s mobile phone text messages almost at the same time.

Jacob stared at the consumption list, slightly startled.

Janice bought all children’s products, just like copying and pasting in triplicate.

Moreover, the children’s clothes that Janice bought were quirky, and the boys were all in duplicate, and a girl’s outfit was added to the same style.

Jacob is a little puzzled. If Janice bought Jason, there is no need to buy two identical clothes, and there are also women’s clothing of the same style.

But if I didn’t buy it for Jason, the style and size of the clothes were bought according to Jason’s size.

What the hell is this girl doing?

Suddenly I remembered the picture of Janice looking embarrassed and disheveled on the rainy night five years ago…

Jacob closed his eyes in pain.

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