Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

Suddenly remembered in his mind that rainy night five years ago, Janice was covered in blood and embarrassed…

Soon, Guan Xiao called Jacob over and reported Janice’s whereabouts one by one:

“President, after the second lady left Media Asia, she went to the sales department opposite to Media Asia to see a few properties, and then went to several shopping malls and bought many children’s products. Now, the second lady is driving to the city of boiling city. The direction is gone!”

“Boiling City?”

Jacob frowned slightly. Boiling City was just a very ordinary apartment, but because it was the most expensive area in the south of the city, and it was adjacent to the sea and the sky, Jacob had heard of Boiling City.

What did Janice go to Boiling City for?

“Okay, I got it.” Jacob hung up the phone, looked up at his watch, turned off the computer and left the office.

Anyway, Boiling City is very close to Media Asia, but it’s only a block away, so he went to see in person what the hell Janice was doing?

Downstairs in Boiling City.

Janice carried a car of children’s supplies and drove to the entrance of the underground parking lot at the gate of Boiling City with joy.

However, Jacob’s tall and straight figure suddenly came into view, and Janice was shocked and immediately stepped on the brake.

Sliding down the car window, Janice looked at Jacob in fright, “Brother, why are you here?”

Jacob’s sharp eyes fell on the pile of colorful things in the back row, and the guilty conscience on Janice’s face could not escape his eyes.

“what are these?”

Janice is usually a little afraid of Jacob.

Mom and Dad handed her rebellious and unruly daughter to Jacob’s discipline several years ago.

At first, Janice was pleased with the decentralization of her parents, who knew that Jacob used her wrist in the business battlefield to make her properly.

She had a crush on Irene, so he unceremoniously sent her abroad. And he also gave Irene a word. If he dared to contact Janice privately, he had only two choices: either marry Janice or wait for the family to go bankrupt.

From then on, Irene regarded Janice as the number one enemy, dragged her into the blacklist, and shunned her.

After a long time, Irene seemed to have disappeared from her world.

There are only endless thoughts left.

And Janice has also transformed from the little girl who loves life to love to die into a female man with a hundred alchemists.

“Brother, can’t you tell, these are all children’s products.” Janice pretended to be silly and sloppy at Jacob.

Jacob said with a cold face, “Who bought it for?”

Janice looked at Jacob’s serious and Binghan expression, and quickly understood why he was so anxious to get angry.

Janice’s eyes were covered with water mist, and when he spoke again, her voice was a little low, “Brother, don’t you think I still kept the child five years ago? Don’t worry, I have knocked him out.”

Jacob had no warmth on his face, “So who did you buy these for?”

“Of course I bought it for Jason.” Janice quickly sealed the memory of tearing her mouth again, and restored her silly appearance, “Brother, I use your money to buy clothes for Jason, you won’t blame me Borrow flowers to offer Buddha, right?”

“Janice, are these girls’ clothes and toys also for Jason?” Jacob was obviously angry at his sister’s non-cooperation.

Janice stretched out her hand and squeezed her forehead. She felt that her IQ would be offline as soon as she faced Jacob.

But she still remembered her promise to Grace, so she kept encouraging herself and didn’t get confused.

“Oh, these clothes were bought for my friend’s daughter.” Janice looked at Jacob’s obviously unbelieving eyes, and had to work hard to make up stories.

“I have a friend who gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix twins. They are about the same age as Jason. I bought some clothes for Jason by the way.

You don’t know, my friend is very poor. After she was pregnant, she was abandoned by her husband.

She is a woman, and her life has been miserable in recent years. I didn’t know her situation in foreign countries a few years ago, but now that I know it, can’t help me? “

“Her name?” Jacob was not so foolish.

After all, Janice had just returned to China, and before leaving the country, her thoughts were on Irene, and she had not made a few close friends.

Her remarks are suspicious.

“She’s Anping!” Janice blurted out.

“Anping?” Jacob read it several times repeatedly without noticing the abnormality.

It’s just the guilty expression on Janice’s face that reminded her that this name is a ghost.

Jacob said, “Janice, you better not lie. I think you should know the end of lying to me.”

After that, he resumed his usual cold look, “Give me Jason’s gift box.”

Janice instinctively took a black series of Lego, but suddenly remembered that it was not Jason who lived in Haitian Yise at this moment, but the lively and cheerful Derek.

So she put down the black Lego again, took the green series of Lego and handed it to Jacob.

Jacob squinted his eyes, and Janice knew everything about Jason’s hobbies since childhood. How could she abandon black and choose green Lego for Jason?

Moreover, her move was clearly a change made after careful consideration.

Janice gave Jacob a bunch of clothes again, because the boy’s clothes were exactly the same, so he didn’t reveal any mistakes.

“Brother, I’m leaving first.” Janice just wanted to leave the cold-faced Demon Lord Jacob earlier, she was already scared into a cold sweat.

“Yeah.” Jacob said.

Janice breathed a sigh of relief and fled.

The doubt in Jacob’s eyes was even worse.

His eyes moved to the towering buildings, and the words “Boiling City” engraved in gold came into view.

This is a slum in the affluent district in the south of the city.

The friends Janice made were both rich and expensive, and should not live in this kind of cubicle apartment.

Oh, he wanted to know, who exactly are the friends Janice made?

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