Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

Janice came to Grace’s rental house in a panic, and after throwing the large and small gift box in her hand on the sofa, she patted her chest and said to Grace with lingering fear:

“Sister-in-law, what should I do? My brother became suspicious of me, and he sent someone to investigate my whereabouts. I met him downstairs just now.”

Grace’s originally calm face turned pale, and the water glass in her hand shook violently. Stuttered, “Your brother is downstairs?”

Janice looked at Grace as a quail, chuckles, “Sister-in-law, I thought there was only you in this world who were not afraid of him, dare to confront him, dare to stand against him. So you are a paper tiger?”

Grace said with a guilty conscience, “You don’t know how cruel your brother is in the mall. Which of those who rebelled against him got a good end? If your brother knew that I was behind him secretly, he would break my body to pieces. You don’t understand his hatred.”

Janice patted her on the shoulder, “It’s exaggerated, my brother will at most snatch two of your cute treasures, and then block you, so that you can’t find a job and let yourself die?”

Grace stared at Grace in a daze, “Why don’t he kill me?”

Janice said with a guilty expression, “What should we do, or should we move again?”

Grace’s brain became more active, and she asked Janice, “Why does your brother investigate you?”

Janice’s face fell sullenly.

With a strong sigh, she took out a slender cigar from the exquisite limited handbag, turned on the lighter, and took a sip.

The sparks were shining, mapped into her eyes, shining the tears in her eyes like a surging sea.

Grace unceremoniously pinched the slender cigar between her fingers. Said, “Nicotine and alcohol can never really make us worry. Besides, I don’t want Jas and Faith to take your second-hand smoke.”

Janice put the cigar on the glass tea table and smiled bitterly. “Sister-in-law, do you want to hear my story?”

Grace saw that Janice’s beautiful eyes were filled with so many meanings, just like her back then, with unwillingness and despair, she wanted to change her mediocre destiny with the stubbornness of not admitting defeat.

But in the end, she threw her duckweed-like self into the ups and downs of the sea. She didn’t get redemption, but got endless regret.

“Let’s talk, I’ll listen.” Grace said softly.

Janice’s tears burst into her eyes, and the tears flowed first without saying a word. Her emotions seemed to have returned to the time when she was troubled a long time ago.

“When I was young, I was frivolous and unruly. I always felt that I was the daughter of the warrior family, with a good family background and good personal conditions, so I had no hesitation in pursuing a man I loved.”

Mentioning the past, the scars in Janice’s heart that had been closed and healed after a long time seemed to be torn apart again, the bloody mouth gurgling with blood, and the pain made her whole face wrinkled.

Grace acted as a qualified listener, and she quietly listened to the story of Janice.

“He was Irene, the eldest young master of Yancheng Yan’s family. He was very handsome and humorous. When first time I saw him, I was hopelessly fascinated by him.”

“At that time, I was naive, wishing to tell the world, I like him! In order to pursue him, I did a lot of stupid things. But love is such a sacred thing, it is something you can’t get by one’s efforts, but the more you don’t get it, the more paranoid and obsessed you become. In order to get him, I even gave him medicine—”

When Janice said this, her emotions became extremely agitated.

Her breathing started to not be smooth, and her face became very pale.

Grace’s reaction also seemed uneasy, and huge shock and consternation filled her pupils.

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