Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

The actor in Janice’s mouth was her own brother Irene.

Janice likes her brother Irene, just as she likes Jacob?

Tragic and humble, the two moths fight the fire with different endings, but they are both extremely beautiful.

Grace only felt that her throat was clogged with lead. She stood up, took out two bottles of red wine from the wine cabinet, handed one to Janice, and kept the other for herself.

“I think you need this.” Grace said.

Janice smiled gratefully, “Sister-in-law, you are really my soul mate.” She picked up the bottle opener and opened the lid, holding the wine bottle in both hands and raising her neck to slurp and drink.

The bright red liquid ran down her neck and into her chest, which looked terrifying.

Grace smiled slightly, “You are the richest daughter I have ever seen.”

Janice sneered, “Let the noble etiquette of the wealthy daughter go to hell!”

After drying half a bottle of red wine in one breath, Janice’s chat box was like a note that couldn’t be closed after it was opened, and they jumped out one by one.

“Sister-in-law, do you know? In order to get Irene, I sold myself.”

“The man who slept with me that day was not Irene, but an upset bastard. He not only ruined my body, but also made me pregnant.”

After my dad knew about this, he was so angry that his high blood pressure almost died. Later they handed me over to my brother-my brother let me kill the child and sent me abroad.

For five years, for five whole years, people thought that I went abroad for gilding, but they didn’t know that I had lived as a human or ghost in the past five years…” Janice lost control of emotion and burst into tears.

Grace hugged Janice into her arms, tears were also in her eyes.

She gently patted Janice’s back, as if soothing a baby.

“Bongxian, don’t be sad. You have to know that in this world, no winter will pass, and no spring will not come. Slowly go through it, and go through it.”

Janice raised her tearful eyes and looked at Grace, “Sister-in-law. Have you lived like this in the past few years?”

Grace nodded, “Yeah.”

Janice suddenly said with excitement: “Grace, you and I meet each other late, let’s get together with Jin Lan, okay?”

Grace couldn’t laugh or cry. Still nodded.

Janice raised the bottle and cheered, “A toast to our friendship forever.”

The two drank in a daze, forgetting the time and the children.

After a long time, Grace suddenly jumped up and exclaimed tragically, “Ah-Jas and Faith are still playing downstairs!”

Janice’s wine woke up in an instant, and she murmured in a flustered manner, “It wouldn’t be so coincidental, will she be hit by my brother?”

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