Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

Not to mention Jacob’s okay, Grace’s hair on her body stood up when she heard Jacob’s name.

“No, I have to go down and hide the child immediately. I can’t be discovered by your brother.” Grace stood up swayingly.

Janice threw the empty wine bottle in the trash can and swayed to follow, “I will go with you.”

Two drunk women stumbled downstairs, unable to distinguish the north, south, east, and west. They ran rampant in the community, and finally walked out of the community without knowing the crowd.

Jacob, who was waiting at the gate of the community, saw Grace’s recognizable face turned into ashes, and his whole body was invaded by ice.

Unexpectedly, this Grace’s method was really extraordinary. First, she made Jason obey her, and now even Janice was bewitched by her, and even lied to him with her.

Jacob squinted at Yingtong, looking at the two women who came back to him.

Grace lowered her head and just walked forward. When she walked in front of Jacob, Jacob did not give the slightest intention to give way. Grace reached out his hand to push him, and said very badly. Point the way? Give it a little.”

Jacob grimaced and said, “Janice, what’s going on?”

Both Janice and Grace were shocked by this familiar voice full of anger. The two looked up at Jacob in horror.

Grace turned around and ran without thinking about it.

Jacob said that Shi Chi will stretch out his hand to hold Grace’s wrist, and said angrily, “Where are you running?”

Grace used her other hand to cover her face, just unwilling to be recognized by Jacob.

Seeing this, Janice rushed up with a sense of loyalty, took Jacob’s hand tightly, and said to Grace, “Grace, run!”

Jacob was very depressed by his younger sister’s abduction. Grace was able to get away because Janice used her breastfeeding power to grab her brother’s claws and ran into the community desperately after turning around.

“Janice!” Jacob was furious, “You have the courage to eat Xiongxin Leopard, how dare you do bad brother?”

Janice She was proud and begged for mercy, “Brother, please let Grace go. She is a weak woman, why do you deceive people too much?”

Jacob dragged Janice and stuffed her into the car Guan Xiao was driving over. Then he closed the car door with a bang, and Jacob went into the Feicheng community to find Grace.

“Brother, it’s cool to abuse your wife, chase your wife in the crematorium!” Janice lay on the car window, desperately calling Jacob.

Jacob stopped, looking back and handing Janice a fierce look, “I only know that I have been abused all the time.”

When Jacob entered the Feicheng community, Grace had already hid.

He didn’t find Grace, but he saw Jason and Faith in the children’s play tribe.

Heh, Jacob was so angry that he turned back and laughed. It turned out that Janice secretly sent Jason over to meet Grace.

“Jas!” Jacob walked to Zhansu, Jason looked at the sudden Jacob, slightly surprised.

When Jacob came over, no matter how angry he faced his son, it would disappear. He smiled warmly, “Yu Su, go home with Daddy.”

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