Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

Faith suddenly rushed over and waved her fist at Jacob, “Don’t take my brother away.”

Jacob squinted his pupils, every time he met this little girl, he had a terrible headache. She seemed to be naturally hostile to him, rude to him, rude, but he couldn’t bully her.

She is the child of Grace and other men. Thinking of this, he doesn’t like Faith.

“I want to take him away. Go back and find your mommy.” Jacob said to Faith with a cold face.

He hugged Jason, without noticing the tears in Faith’s eyes. Her small age, fragile heart, was hurt by daddy in a mess. She knew that Daddy liked sons but not daughters.

“Hmph. I hate you!” Faith roared at him and ran away.

Jacob frowned, and he didn’t do anything to her. Why did this little girl have a bitter hatred against him?

Jacob didn’t take care of a child who had nothing to do with him. So he left with Jason.

Jason’s eyes followed Faith reluctantly. Jacob saw that his son seemed to be very affectionate for Faith, so he couldn’t help asking, “Like her?”

Jason nodded, “Yeah.”

Succinctly and concisely, there will be no redundant modifiers. This answer is very difficult.

Jacob’s face turned black instantly, he knew that every time Jason met Grace, his character would be reversed.

After Jacob got into the car with Jason in his arms, Janice saw that Jason was taken away by his brother, and quickly gave Grace a small report: “Brother has already taken Jason away. You must find a way to get back to Derek .”

Grace whimpered in frustration, she immediately called Derek and asked Derek to come to Boiling City to find her according to the shared geographical location.

The atmosphere in the car became very depressing inexplicably, Jason’s taciturn, Janice’s fear, and Jacob’s anger, several emotions intertwined in the air, Guan Xiao felt that the air in the car was igniting, and he was dull. His head said nothing.

“Janice, don’t you explain why Jason is in Boiling City?” After a long time, Jacob finally asked Janice.

Janice was one and two older, she was really wronged than Dou E, and Jason had nothing to do with her in Boiling City.

“Brother, I just think my sister-in-law is too pitiful. She missed her child and wanted to see Jason, so I relented and brought Jason to Boiling City!” In order to protect Grace’s secrets, Janice chose to hold back.

“Women’s benevolence.” Jacob scolded.

Glancing at Jason who was sitting quietly aside, Jacob suppressed the stormy anger. He said in a low voice, “Look at Jas, why not think about him?”

Janice glanced at Jason, and she almost exploded when she saw the gloating expression in Jason’s eyes.

Jason, the child doesn’t help her, even if he is still in trouble?

“Jas, you told daddy that you were crying and begging Auntie to take you to find Mommy.”

Jason shook his head, “I didn’t beg you.”

Janice twisted his ears and threatened in a low voice, “Do you still want to see your mom? If you want to see, just follow my words.”

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