Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

Jason silently glanced at Janice, and suddenly questioned Jacob, “Daddy, why don’t you let me see Mommy?”

The questioning tone, with a hint of anger, shocked both Janice and Jacob.

Janice sighed secretly: Jason’s shot is really different!

Jacob pinched his aching eyebrows, and said solemnly, “Jas, you don’t understand things about adults.”

Jason’s cool and handsome face was a bit stubborn, “Why should the adult matter be implicated in the child’s life?”

Jason’s dissatisfaction with Daddy escalated, this was the first time in history.

Jacob was sitting in the co-pilot. Although he couldn’t see his expression, from the time he was silent, it was obvious that he was hit hard by Jason’s rebellion.

Janice gave a thumbs up to Jason. But he said coldly, “Just wait for Daddy to clean up you!”

Jason gave her a white look and ignored her.

Guan Xiao sent Jacob and the others back to the sea and the sky, the face of Jacob’s gloomy bird was shrouded in ice until he entered the villa.

Jason and Janice walked behind. Janice bowed his head, looking back at Jason, with his head held high.

After Jacob sat on the sofa, the two people looked at Jacob in sharp contrast.

Jacob looked at Janice, Janice cried, “Brother, I was wrong, and I will never dare to show mercy to help those lost lambs who are lost in love.”

The Binghan in Jacob’s eyes was slightly dismissed, and Janice’s affection for Grace was due to Janice’s painful experience in her youth life.

This was Janice’s scar. Jacob couldn’t bear to poke her scar, and he bit his silver teeth and moved his eyes to Jason’s stubborn face.

“Jas, come here.” Jacob stretched out his hand and said softly.

Only in front of his son, this cold-blooded king of the dark night of the mall can rarely show such compassion and tenderness.

Jason was uncharacteristically, and did not pass his little hand obediently. Instead, the little hand flinched in his sleeve.

Jason resisted Daddy’s touch. This action made Jacob very injured. When a lion is injured, it will stimulate the huge explosive power in his body, and he will pull Zhansu into his arms regardless of Zhansu’s will.

For the first time, Jacob lost his temper with Jason, “Daddy has been hurting you for five years. Isn’t it enough for you to spend five days with her?”

Jason looked aggrieved. He knew that Daddy loved him very very much, and he also loved Daddy very very much. But this has no conflict with his love for Mommy, okay?

“I love daddy and mommy.”

“Don’t see her again!” Jacob shouted domineeringly.

Jason’s grievance made tears in his eyes, but he tried desperately to keep the tears from falling.

Janice felt sorry for Jas and took him into her arms. Then she persuaded her brother, “Big brother, don’t be cruel to your children! It’s their nature for children to love mommy. It’s too cruel to prevent Jas from meeting Grace!”

It’s okay for Janice not to speak, as soon as she spoke, Jacob’s anger was completely drawn out.

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