Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

“If it weren’t for you, how could Jason go to Boiling City?” Jacob roared.

Fighting Janice was extremely frustrated.

Jason whispered, “Don’t scold her, I went to Boiling City by myself.”

Jason’s righteous heart made him intolerant of daddy wronging good people. Simply stand up and admit his mistakes.

Jacob was like a full-filled balloon, suddenly squeezed and burst by Jason, and instantly became angry.

Janice looked at the father and son. Although Jacob was so angry, his gaze fell on Jason, and his firepower plummeted. Janice felt that it was wiser for her to seek self-protection first.

“Brother, it’s getting late, I’ll go back first.” When Janice wanted to drive away, Jacob suddenly asked her in a cold voice, “Why didn’t she leave?”

Janice’s face instantly wrinkled into bitter gourd, she turned around and said timidly, “Brother, she is reluctant to bear Jason.”

Jason’s shoulder trembled weakly.

Jacob handed Janice a death gaze. This girl was definitely an undercover agent sent by Grace, and a casual sentence was definitely a strong assist from Grace.

“You go.” Jacob was somewhat frustrated.

Janice hurried away.

After Janice left, two men, one large and one small, remained in the huge room, staring at each other silently.

Jason suddenly stepped forward and hugged Daddy lightly. “Daddy, I love you.”

Jacob’s heart trembled with excitement. Today’s battle is definitely the taciturn, cruel and handsome one.

But today, he has a subtle change from before. He knows to resist authority and he knows to express love.

Jacob suddenly hugged Jason tightly into his arms, “Maybe Daddy was wrong!” He subconsciously said.

Janice who left the Haitian Villa immediately called Grace to report that she was safe. As soon as the phone was connected, she heard Grace cry from the depths of her soul, “Janice, Derek has not come yet.”

Janice was dumbfounded, and the phone in her hand slipped to the ground. When she recovered, she picked up the phone on the floor in a panic and shouted into the phone microphone, “Grace, don’t worry, you speak slowly.”

Grace’s voice became intermittent because of crying, “When I was talking with Derek, Derek was still talking and laughing at me at first, but suddenly he heard “sa-veme”, and then he He hung up. I tried to call him again, but the phone prompted to shut down.”

Janice was so frightened that she was limp, and sat on the ground without an image. Muttered to herself, “Blame me, if my brother was not worried about me, he would not come to Boiling City. If he didn’t pick up Jason, he would go to the kindergarten to pick up Derek——”

Grace cried heartbroken. Janice heard Faith’s soft cry, “Mommy, don’t cry, don’t cry, brother will be fine—”

Janice got up and ran desperately in the direction of Boiling City.

When she came to the apartment, she saw Grace holding the phone and shaking her hands severely.

“How is it?” Janice walked over and asked eagerly.

Grace said, “Human traffickers must know that the children in Monte Kindergarten are rich children. They should only kidnap Derek for money. Janice, I am waiting for the other party’s call. If there is no call in another half an hour. , I think I should call the police.”

Janice also lost her mind. When she was panicked, the only person she could count on was Jacob, “Grace, tell my brother, right?”

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