Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Not only him!

In the video shot, Huang Tao and Xu Yanhong also squeezed in and asked eagerly:

“Uncle, have you got that dress? And, is that little beast dead?”

“Uncle, you must kill that little beast! And must get his prescription, that’s what we need the most, you must get it!”

The three of the Huang family were extremely excited.

after all!

The imperial costumes and prescriptions all accumulates incredible wealth.

Seeing the appearance of the three of the Huang family, Zhong Bin’s heart became more relaxed, and he said broadly:

“Don’t worry! He is just a crap son-in-law. I can kill him in minutes!”

That’s it!

“Do you know who I am looking for to deal with this guy?”


Hearing this, the three of Huang Guosheng couldn’t help but shook their heads.

“Hey… Master Dao!”


Hearing this, they all startled.

They never thought that Zhong Bin would be able to invite a figure like Master Dao to come forward and solve it.

This thing is to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer.

Shaun is completely finished.

“Hahaha…Uncle, you are so awesome! I adore you to death now!” Huang Tao said excitedly, as if he had already seen that Shaun was smashed by Master Dao.

And Xu Yanhong also smiled:

“Oh…I want to see it now, Elvira should know how her wasteful husband looks after his death! I am so happy!”

They all were extremely excited.

On the side, Huang Guosheng is more concerned about his imperial outfit and prescription:

“Zhong Bin, I don’t care how that kid died! I want to see the emperor’s outfit and the prescription!”

“Don’t worry! Brother-in-law!” Zhong Bin smiled slightly and looked at his watch:

“At this time, Master Dao and the others are almost done! I’ll get the clothes and the prescription right away!”


Zhong Bin wanted to get up now.

But at this moment.


The door of the office made a roar and was kicked open.


This huge kicking sound shocked Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others in the video.

They never thought that someone would dare to kick the office door of the police station incharge.

“Ma! Which bastard…”

Zhong Bin was furious, turning his head to curse.

However, he had just said half of his words, and he swallowed back suddenly.

Because he saw that the person who kicked in was turned out to be the director Niu Yunkui.

“Bureau… Director!”

Zhong Bin’s neck couldn’t help but shrank, and the look on his face seemed to change, from anger to flattery:

“Sit down! Chief, please sit down.”

Zhong Bin immediately moved a chair and wanted to set it in front of the director Niu Yunkui.

It’s just that he just got closer!


A loud slaps hitted his face severely.

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