Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 68

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Chapter 68

Immediately he fanned Zhong Bin to the ground, and his chair fell.


At this moment, not only Zhong Bin was stunned, even the three who were still on the video call also got stunned to see this.

This…what is going on?

Huang Guosheng knows that Zhong Bin handles interpersonal relationships extremely well in ordinary hours, and especially impressed his superior Niu Yunkui very well, and even called him a brother.

They never dreamed that Niu Yunkui would be so angry today, kicking the door, slapped the face, this…

“Director, why are you hitting me? I… Did I do something wrong?” Zhong Bin covered his hot cheek with one hand.

But for some reason, he had an ominous premonition.

Heard this!

Niu Yunkui was only breathing heavily, his expression gloomy almost dripping with anger and resentment.

“What did you do wrong?”

“Huh! Zhong Bin, you still have the face to ask me what you have done wrong!”

In Niu Yunkui’s eyes, fire almost burst out.

He couldn’t even dream that his most powerful subordinate had stabbed out a huge basket.

This time, he almost killed himself:

“Zhong Bin, I ask you, did you arrest Mr. Lin?”

Mr. Lin?

Hearing this, Zhong Bin’s heart stunned even more, his face pale:

“Director, is Mr. Lin you talking about Shaun?”

“The kid beat some people in public, I’m acting according to the law!”

Not only Zhong Bin!

The three in the video were also shocked when they heard Niu Yunkui actually utter the words’Mr. Lin’. A trace of ominousness began to float in their hearts.

And just as Zhong Bin continued to want to explain.

A cold voice came from outside the door:

“According to the law?”

“is it?”

Da da da!

As the cold voice resounded, a middle-aged man in a suit walked in slowly.

When they saw this person, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others’ complexions changed greatly.


The middle-aged man in front of them was Zhang Guohao, the president of Jiangshi No.1.

Zhong Bin and other got completely stunned. They couldn’t think that such a small crap son-in-law, Shaun, could even alarm a big figure like Chairman Zhang Guohao.

However, this is only the beginning!

“It’s a good one to act according to the law! The quality of Jiang City police is really eye-opening for us!”

Then came another indifferent voice.

Then, under the incredible gazes of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng and others, one after another figure stepped in!

“That’s… the richest man in Jiangnan——Mr. Ma Yong!”

“This is Major General Dong Jun of the Jiangnan Military Region!”


At this moment, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others just felt that their hearts were beating faster and faster, almost reaching their throats.

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