Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

Grace trembled, and the obsidian pupils shivered. At that moment, she was like a pampas grass that had lost her backbone, swaying with the wind and lost her way.

Janice couldn’t bear it, and gritted her teeth again, “I don’t want to wait anymore. If the other party comes for money, at any rate, I cheated a huge sum of money from my brother. It should be able to feed the kidnappers’ appetite. .”

Grace was a little lost, but at that time she was actually in a mess. She had no idea if she asked Jacob for help.

Luo Shishi guessed it right, the kidnapper’s purpose of kidnapping Derek was indeed for money.

However, when the kidnapper forced Derek to tell the phone number of the adult, Derek feared that the kidnapper would frighten the helpless mom, so he gave the phone number of the other party Jacob without hesitation.

When the kidnappers called the blackmail phone to Jacob’s cell phone, Jacob and Jason had already made peace, and the two were sitting at the dining table.

The phone’s ringtone rang quickly, and Jacob picked up the phone without thinking about it. After the voice of the other party was changed, it was transmitted in terror:

“Your son is in my hands. If you want him to survive, bring money to redeem him. One hundred million, one cent less, I will tear up the ticket.”

Jacob looked at the unharmed Jason opposite his eyes, and a sneered at the corner of his mouth, “You made the wrong call!” Then he blew the phone unceremoniously.

The kidnapper’s voice was missed, and the chopsticks in the hands of the opposite Jason fell on the table together with noodles.

Looking at his son’s obviously frightened face, Jacob put down his bowl and chopsticks and walked over to appease Jason. “It’s just a blackmail call from an empty gloved white wolf. There is no hostage on the other side.”

Unexpectedly, Jason suddenly ran out of life, Jacob looked at the abnormal reaction Jason in amazement, and immediately chased him out.

“Jas, where are you going?”

Jason ran recklessly in the direction of Boiling City. Jacob was a little bit unbelievable. Did this kid go to Mommy to seek safety after being frightened?

After a few strokes of Jacob’s long legs, he chased him to Zhansu. He held Zhansu, resigned and said helplessly, “If you are going to Boiling City to find her, Daddy will drive you there.”

Jason nodded like garlic.

Jacob drove out of the car. After getting in the car, Jason kept saying one word: “Quick!”

Jacob was upset, and he obviously didn’t want to send Jason to the woman he hated so quickly, but he still increased the accelerator uncontrollably.

As soon as the car drove into the gate of Boiling City, he saw Janice holding Faith and staggering out with Grace. Seeing Jacob’s car, as if seeing a straw for life-saving, as soon as Janice rushed over, Jason opened the door. Janice hugged Faith and immediately sat in.

And Grace pulled the co-pilot away and sat straight in.

Jacob looked at Grace angrily, didn’t she know that he hated her very much? How dare to ride in his car without his consent, who did she think he was?

Just about to go crazy, he heard Grace’s low and shivering voice, “Go to the moat of the Dongmen Bridge! Hurry.”

Jacob was very angry and let go of the accelerator, but after slackening for a few seconds, he heard a man in a car roaring at him, “Drive fast.”

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