Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 89

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Chapter 89

Especially the voice of Jason, so excited that the voice is almost hoarse!

Jacob can ignore the life and death of the people in this car. But he can’t ignore the emotions of his precious son, he is afraid that Jason’s emotional out of control will worsen his mental illness.

Jacob stepped on the accelerator and huffed away.

On the road, Jacob drove with a sullen face, and angrily questioned Grace, “It was not your son who was kidnapped by the kidnapper, right?”

Grace raised her head suddenly, looking at Jue Zhan Han with horror.

Isn’t he his son? How could he speak so calmly?

Seeing her bewildered reaction, Jacob’s pupils filled with ice cold, gritted his teeth and said, “I really didn’t guess wrong. Then, when was this son born? Before you got married. , Or after divorcing me?”

Grace was hit hard by his cynicism. Leaning her soft body on her back, tense, panicked, questioning and mocking from the child’s father, and all kinds of bad emotions, she felt that she was in the boundless darkness.

Janice couldn’t bear to see Jacob bullying the weak and helpless women. She raised her neck to fight back at her brother for Grace, “Brother, whether it’s your sister-in-law who gave birth to a child before marrying you, or remarrying after divorcing you Give birth to Derek, as long as she didn’t cuckold you when she married you, it means that the sister-in-law is not a bad woman.”

In the rearview mirror, Janice saw Jacob’s eyes cast over thousands of years of ice, and his high-pitched and powerful voice instantly fell to the dust, “If it weren’t for meeting irresponsible men like you, who are we women? Don’t want to die from one thing?”

Jacob angrily rebuked, “Janice, shut up. A woman who has been married three times and had three children, you sympathize with what happened to her? Haven’t heard that poor people must have something to hate?”

Grace stared at Jacob blankly, his misunderstanding of her made her unable to argue.

She just has a special physique. She gave birth to three jewels in one child, so he misunderstood that she had given birth to three men?

After all, he looked down on her, because he didn’t love her, and he didn’t have the most basic trust in her, otherwise, with his profound acumen, he should easily expose her lies.

Grace smiled bitterly and said, “My biggest mistake is to fall in love with a man who doesn’t love me. Jacob, if I can never, I hope I have never met you .” Grace said sadly. This sentence, just push the door and get off.

After Jacob slammed the brakes, Grace would not fall off.

Before the car stopped steadily, Grace hurriedly opened the door and escaped in embarrassment.

Jacob’s spirit exploded by Grace’s fear of death. “Damn it!”

Janice looked at Jue Zhan Han very speechlessly, and while pushing the door to get out of the car, she angrily taught Jue Zhan Han, “Brother, what you said to my sister-in-law today is all the water in your brain. Sooner or later , You will regret that your intestines are all green.”

Jacob Binghan’s eyes were locked on Grace’s petite body. If his gaze could kill people, he would have delayed Grace thousands of times at this moment.

After Janice got out of the car, Jason and Faith also got out of the car.

Jacob was extremely depressed. Grace’s son was lost. Why should he worry about her son?

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