Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 90

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Chapter 90

Jacob looked at Jason’s anxious little face. He wondered what bizarre method Grace used to make Jason care so much about her son?

It was just a half-brother, not to mention having not grown up together since childhood, but Jason’s concern for her brother was so intense that Jacob looked a little uncomfortable.

Realizing that he was eating the child’s jealousy, Jacob exhaled in annoyance. Reluctantly, he took out the phone and called his detective friend who has never failed to solve the case.

Then, Jacob walked out of the car leisurely, he quickly followed Jason, and suddenly hugged Jason.

“Jas, it’s dangerous here, go home with Daddy.”

As soon as this remark came out, Janice’s contempt and her eyes were rolled.

The elder brother only cared about his precious son, but he didn’t know that the kidnapped Derek was also his son, and Faith, who was hostile to him, was his biological daughter. Grace is the mother of his three children, and she is his own sister—the people here are all important to him, but in his eyes there is only his precious son, Jason.

Janice couldn’t wait to see how spectacular the scene where her elder brother knew the truth one day.

Jason was concerned about Derek, and said nothing to leave.

“Daddy, save Derek.” Jason nervously grasped Jacob’s collar, a small face pale because of fear.

Jacob hugged Jason in distress, “Jas, don’t worry, Daddy has already called the police, and soon the police uncle will come to rescue people.”

Faith looked at Daddy’s spoiling elder brother, her small lips pursed in dissatisfaction. She knew that Daddy only liked her brother and didn’t like her. Humph, he doesn’t like her, and she doesn’t like him either.

Jacob received an angry stare from Faith, slightly startled. Isn’t he incompatible with this little girl? Why is she so hostile to him inexplicably?

Grace heard that Jacob had called the police, thinking that those kidnappers were desperadoes. If they were forced into a hurry, they would jump the wall in a hurry and tear up the hostages—the consequences would be disastrous.

Grace yelled at Jacob out of control, “Why did you call the police? Do you know how dangerous the call is for the hostages?”

With an indifferent attitude of hanging up high, Jacob said angrily, “I only called the police for Jason’s sake. You don’t want a dog to bite Lu Dongbin and don’t know good people. You think it’s just that. With a poor woman like you, can you pay the huge sum of money for a kidnapper? If you don’t call the police, your son will have to wait for the end of the ticket!”

Grace couldn’t even think of tearing up the ticket, but Jacob easily said it. Suddenly, Grace raised her hand in desperation and slapped Jacob severely.

“Luo-Shi-Han, how dare you hit me?” Jacob became angry, grabbing Grace’s wrist roughly, and Grace sighed with pain.

“I hit you, because you should fight.” Grace’s stubbornness was forced out by Jue Zhan Han, not afraid of death, cursing Jue Zhan Han.

Janice stared at this scene dumbfounded. She was really surprised and shocked. That weak and slender Grace dared to beat her brother?

Although Jacob is indeed a jerk today, but he is also the powerful war master again?

Janice pinched a cold sweat for Grace.

Seeing daddy bullying Mommy, Faith shouted angrily, “Bad, let go of my mommy.”

Jacob stared at Grace coldly. “Is that how you teach children?”

Grace looked at Faith who was crying with rain, and then at Jacob who was staring coldly at Faith. At that moment, her heart was weeping blood.

God knows how much she wants her father and daughter to have a harmonious relationship, but the love of cold-blooded animals like Jacob is a rare thing and will only be allocated to his son with a clear purpose. He is naturally stingy with his daughter who has not been recognized.

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