Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

It’s just that Zhong Bin has long been stunned and can’t hear a word at all.

That’s it!

He only knew that he was completely gone.

Captured Mr. Lin, master of the world?

What’s so special about myself… I am such a neurosis.


At this moment, another scream came from the video.

It was Xu Yanhong, with her beautiful face, screamed like a ghost:

“I…I know! In Best Shopping Mall it was Shaun who is the Boss of everyone!”

“The person on army seat is Shaun, and the new global master is Shaun! Why, how could this happen! Elvira, how could your waste husband be such a powerful character!”

Xu Yanhong was like crazy.

Very infuriated, her eyes dull.

Huang Tao on the side was even more frightened and fainted.

The couple never dreamed of it at all.

“I hope you can bear the consequences.”

Zhong Bin’s ears constantly echoed the words Shaun said when he went to prison.

When he first heard Shaun saying this, he sneered and dismissed it, thinking that he was just going to kill this little bug.

But now he understood that he himself was a bug from the beginning, and the person who was about to be killed turned out to be a giant dragon.

Jingle Bell!

Just when the atmosphere is extremely depressing and dull.

In the video, there was a ringing tone, but it was another phone of Huang Guosheng.

Huang Guosheng was like dementia, stupidly picked up the phone.

As he picked up, there was a scream:

“Mr. Huang! It’s no good, our Huang Group building has been sealed up!”

“President Huang, all your assets have been frozen by the bank!”

“We are over, completely over…”

The voice on the phone was full of panic.

After listening to Huang Guosheng, as if he didn’t feel anything, he hung up the phone without saying a single word.

That’s it!

After he really knew Shaun’s identity, he had anticipated the result a long time ago, and all regrets were beyond his reach, and he was sure taht their Huang family has gone at all.



Another loud noise came.

I saw that the door of Huang Guosheng’s house was kicked open, and then a heavily armed policeman rushed in.

In the blink of an eye, the people in uniform arrested Huang Guosheng’s family and took them away.

This scene really fell in Zhong Bin’s eyes, and made him embarrassed.


He knelt in front of Liu Zhen, desperately:

“Chairman Liu, please be merciful! Huang Guosheng asked me to do all this!”

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