Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 92

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Chapter 92

He just wanted to give a little lesson to Grace, but his son and sister rarely stood on Grace’s side in a strategic unity, making him feel happy to retaliate against her.

He stretched out his slender and beautiful hand, and when he handed it to Grace, he complained deeply, “Give me the phone.”

Grace didn’t know what he meant, and she hesitated.

Jacob started directly, grabbing her mobile phone somewhat rudely, glanced at the caller ID of the kidnapper, and then made a call on Grace’s phone.

Grace heard the overbearing and cold voice of Jacob, “Help me check the location of the 134*** number.”

Grace was slightly startled, is he helping her save her son?

After hanging up the phone, Jacob threw the phone to Grace like a shoe.

Jason looked at him expectantly, “Daddy, are you saving Derek?”

Jacob touched Zhansu’s little head, and said proudly, “It’s for you!”

Janice’s red lips were pursed high, she felt that her arrogant and narcissistic eldest brother would one day kill her.

Although Jacob helped Grace call the police, he also actively assisted in solving the case. But as far as Grace is concerned, she can’t afford one in ten thousand mistakes. She wants to make sure Derek’s safety.

The kidnapper asks for money, and if she delays calling him, she is afraid that Derek will be disadvantaged before the kidnapper is caught.

Grace walked slowly in front of Jacob, and said in a low voice, “Master Zhan, Derek is my life, he can’t make any mistakes. Please help me through this difficulty——” Grace begged him At that time, how humble her body is, how low her voice is.

Jason desperately shook Jacob’s arm and begged, “Daddy, you can help Mommy! Mommy wants money, can you lend her?”

Jacob said, “No need. My friend will be able to rescue your son safely…”

Grace cares about Derek too much. She cried and begged Jacob, “But I think it makes sense to give up money and eliminate disasters! Lord Qiu Zhan lends me 200 million, and I agree if you let me be a cow and a horse in the future.”

Jacob looked at Grace, who was humbled to the dust for her children, at that moment she was a little lost. It seems that why Jason likes Mommy.

She is also a high-spirited, low-handed master, but in order to save her son, she begged him so quietly.

Janice couldn’t stand it anymore, she rushed over to pull Grace up, and roared at Jacob, “Brother, 200 million is just a small amount for you, why should you trample on her dignity?”

Jacob said solemnly, “It’s not a question of whether to borrow, it’s that there is no need to meet the culprit’s requirements.”

Seeing that Jacob’s heart had been decided, Janice turned to beg Grace, “Sister-in-law, my brother is now able to watch from the wall so calmly, only because he doesn’t know the truth. For Derek’s safety, you simply tell the truth about her, okay?”

Jacob squinted the eagle eye, and Janice’s words made his heart twitch inexplicably. However, if you think about it carefully, Grace is a liar who is a liar, so don’t be confused by her ghost tricks.

What truth can she have?

Grace was caught in painful hesitation. Tell Jacob the truth, she is in danger of losing Derek. But if you don’t tell him the truth, Derek will be even more dangerous.

Grace cried and nodded. She has no time to think about her own benefits. As long as Derek is safe and sound, she can wrong herself.

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