Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Janice was approved by Grace, and he was relieved. It’s just that Janice also knows how difficult it is for Grace to make such a decision, so her mood is extremely solemn. She walked up to Jacob and said, “Brother, sister-in-law borrowed two hundred million from you, you disagree. , You humiliated her in every possible way…but did you know that if you see Derek, let alone two billion, that is two billion, you will also obediently take it out.”

A sneer appeared on Jacob’s face, “Janice, why do you think I am willing to spend 2 billion for this woman’s son? Do you know how much I hate her?” The expression on Jacob’s face began to be stern. stand up.

Janice looked at Jacob, lips and teeth lightly opened, probably exhausted by Jacob, her voice was a little floating, “Will you not want to spend 200 million for your own son?”

Jacob said angrily, “But that’s not my son—”

“The child in the hands of the kidnapper right now is your own son Derek.” Janice also roared hysterically.

“What are you talking about, my son is right in front of me…”

“Derek and Jas are twins.” Janice said.

Jacob seemed to have realized something suddenly, his savage expression slowly narrowed, and the lion’s anger slowly returned to zero, leaving only endless confusion.

“what did you say?”

“I said, Derek is your son. My dear, it’s like a fake replacement.” Janice announced in a straightforward tone.

Jacob’s long and stalwart body trembled slightly, and the scarlet pupils showed incredible light. He looked at Grace, the restlessness on Grace’s face, panic, confusion and helplessness seemed to be a contagious disease, and immediately surrounded him.

Janice babbled endlessly, “Brother, you love Jas, and please share a piece of the pie for Derek.”

Before she finished speaking, she saw Jacob take out his mobile phone, shaking hands to transfer money to the culprit.

Janice breathed a sigh of relief.

Jacob handed the car key to Janice, and exhorted, “Take them home immediately!”

“Then where are you going?”

“Save Derek.” Jacob untied his tie anxiously, took off his suit jacket and threw it to Janice, and then ran away at a speed of 100 meters piercing.

Grace got up and ran up quickly, Jacob looked at Grace who was in a panic, and said, “Go back. Wait for my message.” His voice was much more polite.

“Be careful of yourself.” Grace stammered.

Jacob’s eyes sank, and he was very unhappy, “A few kidnappers, why are you afraid?”

Grace’s long eyelashes drooped. She didn’t mean to underestimate him, but fighting the gangster is always a dangerous thing. She just hopes that their father and son will come back safely.

After Jacob left, Janice pulled Grace, who was stuck there, into the car.

Janice said guiltily, “Grace, I’m sorry, I have told my brother the truth, and will you resent me?”

Grace’s hair was messy, her eyes were red with tears, and she said, “Janice, how could I blame you. In fact, if you don’t say it, I will say it too. As long as Derek returns safely, It doesn’t matter if l lose him.”

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