Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

Janice sighed. Her brother now knows that Derek is his own son. With his domineering character, he must compete with Grace for the custody of Derek.

And what did Grace argue with him?

Fighting for power, her brother covered the sky with one hand.

Fighting for financial resources, his brother is second to none of the 100 billion president.

As for Grace, he has no power, no power, and poverty.

Janice felt that the battle for capturing sons had already ended before it started.


Janice glanced at the angel baby Faith in the back seat, relieved Grace.

“Grace, I will do everything possible to mislead my brother. I will tell him that Faith is the daughter of your ex-husband. But my brother is naturally suspicious. In order not to make him suspicious, I will make up a de facto marriage for you. .

When the time comes, we will confess to the counterpart, but don’t let him notice the abnormality of different calibers. Don’t worry, no matter what, I will definitely keep this daughter for you. “

Grace nodded painfully.

Janice sent Grace back to Boiling City, but Jason was unwilling to leave Mummy, and Janice had to stay with Jason to wait for Derek’s news.

After Jacob sent away the battle, there was no worries about the future, and he searched for the whereabouts of Derek in all the hiding places near the East Gate Bridge.

Soon, the police arrived. They were dressed in civilian clothes. After meeting with Jacob, the captain Jin Jin was very familiar with the joke Jacob, “Oh, Zhan, who is the kidnapped person? Go out.”

After Jacob raised his wrist to look at his watch, he said coldly, “You came too slow.”

The captain was so startled that his mouth opened into a standard circle. “Heaven and Earth Conscience, when I received your call, I got out of the bathtub halfway through the bath, and didn’t dare to delay.”

Jacob looked solemn and his eyes were a little anxious.

The captain was puzzled, “Young Master Zhan, could the kidnapped person be a big man, who made you bother so much?”

“It’s my son.”

“Jason?” The captain was sweating coldly, and the young master of the Zhan Family was incomparable to many big men.

“No.” Jacob’s face was pale.

The captain breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Zhan Shao, don’t you have only one son, Jason? You have been guarding yourself for so many years, so we all wonder if you have a sexual orientation. Where did you come from?”

“Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and save my son. I warn you, if my family Derek loses half of his hair, I will let you lose half of your life.” Jacob said solemnly.

“You can rest assured, Shao Zhan, I will immediately start a search and rescue operation.” Jin said to his plainclothes subordinate, “action.”

Before long, the subordinates reported, “Captain, the kidnappers are holding hostages in the Science and Technology Museum. Shall we rush in or—”

The captain said angrily: “Whatever you charge, protect the hostages’ safety? No matter what price you pay, you must protect the hostages with no less hair.”

With a sullen face, Jacob turned and strode towards the Science and Technology Museum.

“Young Master Zhan!” The captain’s face changed instantly, and he quickly followed.

In the Science and Technology Museum, a dozen kidnappers bundled Derek into meat dumplings and stuffed him into a corner. There are a total of five or six children in the corner, the oldest one is eleven or twelve years old, and the young one is two to three years old. The staff of the Science and Technology Museum all squatted on the ground, raising their hands to face the wall. A kidnapper stood behind them with a gun, watching.

“Boss, a group of people surrounded the Science and Technology Museum. What should I do?”

“Lock the doors and windows, the things here are national treasures, they don’t dare to mess around. Go out and take a closer look. If it’s a note, prepare guys!”


Derek thought about it, tempting the kidnappers to be distracted, and said, “Do you want more money? I tell you, my father is the president of Media Asia, and he is rich. Call my father, It costs five hundred million to open your mouth, and my daddy will give it to you.”

Seeing Derek, the kidnapper leader asked with a grim look: “My child, is your father really the president of Media Asia?”

Derek nodded obediently, looking innocent and cute. He couldn’t see any deceitful expressions at all, making the culprits lose his guard.

“What is your daddy’s phone number?”

Derek looked up and thought for a while, “My father usually uses several cell phone numbers, try this first.” Then he made up a phone number casually.

The kidnappers beat him and the other party told him he was not in the service area.

Derek said again, “Try this again.” He made up an empty number again silly. The kidnappers dialed it, but they still haven’t connected.

The kidnapper was a little angry, and Derek suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, yes, my father’s phone number is written on the inside of my clothes. Look for it.”

But the group of kidnappers turned over his clothes several times and couldn’t find it. Derek pretended to be frustrated, “Hey, how about you help me untie this, I help you find it?”

The leader of the abductee was tempted by the huge sum of 500,000 yuan, wondering what other storms the five-year-old child could make. So he said to humanity, “Untie.”

After Derek’s hands and feet were loosened, he calmly rubbed his wrists and ankles. Then he stood up with quick eyesight and quick hands. Using the thick hemp rope on the ground, he put a loop around the neck of the culprit leader. Then he jumped with the power of the rope, and the person was already seated on the spiral staircase in the building. On the railing, slide down the escalator.

“Catch up with him! Brat, you are cunning.” The tie leader’s neck was caught by a rope, and his voice turned into a rough air current.

Derek also waved goodbye to this group of guys. “That guy with wicked eyebrows and mouse eyes and sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, you are a silly hat. My father earns money, and it will be mine in the future. I am not so stupid. Give you my money.”

At this time, the tied up suddenly raised his gun and pointed it in Derek’s direction…

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