Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 95

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Chapter 95

Derek was taken aback and hurried to the ground, looking for a place to hide from the bullet. At this time, the plainclothes police outside heard the gunfire and rushed in, and they fought to the death with the culprits.

Derek heard the fierce gun battle and went into the bookcase to hide.

Through the crack of the door, he saw Jacob wearing a snow-white hand-made shirt with the first lesson button on the neckline open, which made him look clean and picturesque, but wild as a wolf. Especially his bright pupils, like the eyes of a lone wolf, shot upstairs sharply and coldly, and then he went upstairs leisurely under the cover of others.

Derek said nervously to his throat. There were more than a dozen kidnappers, and everyone was armed with extremely destructive weapons. He dared to act rashly just now because it was expected that the culprits would not dare to shoot rashly.

Now the kidnapper has been angered, that is, desperadoes who kill people without blinking. It’s too dangerous for Daddy to go up at this time.

In fact, Derek doesn’t need to worry, because all his talents in sports are inherited from his daddy.

As the first eldest grandson of the Jacob, while enjoying the love of Zhongxing Pengyue, he also got many ups and downs that ordinary people did not have. When he was young, he was robbed, kidnapped, and had a car accident… It seems to be commonplace.

Later, in order to protect his safety, Jacob invited a famous martial arts teacher to give special guidance to Jacob, and Jacob has never stopped learning this skill for many years. He is a champion of long swordsmanship, a champion of Sanda, and has very good skills.

When Jacob went upstairs, Jin ordered the others to enclose him as a barrier, and Jin himself was not sloppy at all. He kept his eyes fixed on the gangster, fearing that he might shoot at Jacob.

Soon, the gangsters were subdued.

Jacob came to the kidnapped children for the first time. There are five children left here. They all looked forward to Jacob, hoping that he would save themselves as soon as possible.

Jacob’s gaze scanned each child’s face. The children were sitting on the ground, their heights were uneven, but their faces were all immature. There is no face that makes him feel familiar.

“Who is Derek?” Jacob knelt down and asked, his face was kind and his voice was gentle.

The captain Jin Jin was obviously startled for a while, Jacob didn’t even know his son? What’s the situation?

No children responded to Jacob, Jacob frowned.

The veins on his forehead began to jump up suddenly. Was he deceived by Grace again?

At this moment, Derek in the bookcase saw that the gangsters were escorted by the police and walked out like a bereaved dog. Derek knew that his father was out of danger.

When he got out of the bookcase, he didn’t go to see Daddy the first time, but ran on the way home.

When the culprit was talking on the phone with Mommy, he heard Mommy cry so sad, Mommy must not worry about him, so he must go to Mommy as soon as possible to let her not worry about him.

Jacob didn’t see Derek, and his mood was extremely gray. In an instant he recovered his cold iceberg face, and his cold pressure spread. Everyone in the room felt cold for several degrees.

Fortunately, a few frightened children slowly recovered. The older child told them, “There was a child who beat the boss of the gangster and slipped away. Maybe he is the Derek you are looking for. .”

Jacob’s pupils shrank, and immediately turned and ran downstairs.

Along the way, he was thinking about a question with palpitations: Is that kid really Derek?

Derek remembered the new address his mom gave him, and ran all the way, finally returning to Boiling City.

When Grace saw Derek returning safely and soundly, a sense of surprise that was lost and recovered made her hug Derek tightly and cry out of control.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, I worried you.” Derek apologized in a low voice.

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