Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 96

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Chapter 96

Janice kept wiping tears on one side, “Little ancestor, you just need to come back safely.”

Grace glanced out of the door, and doubts filled her eyes, “Derek, where is your daddy? Why didn’t he come with you?” He thought he would come over and negotiate with her for the custody of the child as soon as possible.

Derek hugged Grace and said, “Mommy, Daddy came to rescue me. I was so touched. But I didn’t recognize him, nor dared to meet him. Because I don’t want to leave Mommy.”

Grace was slightly lost and sighed, “I’m sorry, Derek, Daddy already knows about your existence.”

When Derek saw Mommy’s desperate expression, the little adult seemed to sigh, “Mommy, don’t worry, if Daddy really wants to snatch me, I won’t leave Mommy.”

Both mother and son cried in their arms, as if they were about to experience life and death. The scene made people cry.

Jason suddenly said, “He won’t.”

Janice immediately used the demeanor of the Zhan family’s venomous tongue and the six relatives didn’t recognize him, and said, “What do you kid know? Your daddy is a big tiger, who specializes in bullying your mommy.”

Jason glared at Janice, not allowing her to slander his favorite daddy.

Janice smacked her lips and said in compromise, “It’s alright, let’s not mention your daddy. Your daddy is the best daddy in the world, okay?”

At this moment, Grace’s cell phone rang quickly. When Grace saw the caller ID, she threw the phone on the coffee table in horror, looking at Janice with help.

“My brother’s phone number?” Janice asked in a panic.

“Yeah.” Grace was nervous on her body.

“Hang up!” Janice said without thinking.

Grace hesitated. At this time, Jason walked over and pressed the connection button.

Janice pointed at Jason and murmured, “Jason, this traitor!”

Jacob Binghan’s voice sounded, “Janice…”

Janice was so shocked that Huarong was pale, and quickly climbed to the phone, weak and weak, “Brother, where are you? We are all worried about your safety!”

“Has Derek come back?” Jacob had no good expressions towards the younger sister who saw the wind.

Janice anticipated that the next topic would be somewhat risky, and immediately climbed away from the phone, “I don’t know, you ask Sister-in-law.”

Grace reluctantly picked up the phone and said, “Derek is back. Thank you…not only did you cost you 200 million, but you also saved people from danger…”

Many words of gratitude were prepared, but Jacob interrupted her arbitrarily, and said in a harsh tone, “Derek is my son, who I am not saving him?”

Grace was dumb.

“House number?” Jacob paused for a while before asking suddenly.

“Huh?” Grace didn’t remember.

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