Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

“I am been used as accessory, I don’t want to embarrass Mr. Lin, nor do I want to deal with him!”

“Please, President Liu, help me say a few words in front of Mr. Lin. I can now do anything for Mr. Lin…”

Zhong Bin knew that after his own affairs were exposed, there was only one dead end.

He now only hopes to survive.

However, Liu Zhen’s eyes were full of indifference:

“Take me to Mr. Lin!”


Hearing this, Zhong Bin’s body trembled, and he didn’t react until this moment.

Shaun is in S prison, and there is… Master Dao!


In an instant, Zhong Bin’s complexion was as pale as paper, and beads of sweat were surging:

“Lin… Zhong Bin is afraid that he has been killed! He, he and Dao Ye are in a prison, this…”


Hearing these two words, the director Niu Yunkui next to him turned green in shock.

If Shaun is killed, then I don’t know how many people will be buried with him.

However, when Liu Zhen, Dong Jun and others heard this, the corners of their mouths were full of contempt.

Mr. Lin killed?

What a joke!

“Stop talking nonsense! lets lead the way for us, hurry up!” Liu Zhen’s eyes were cold.

Suddenly, Zhong Bin’s face was earthy, he could only get up from the ground obediently, while shaking his body led the way for everyone.

The prison in Jiangcheng is just behind the police station.

At the moment, Zhong Bin led many bigwigs and walked towards the prison.



The smell in the prison was extremely pungent, especially with a hint of blood.

Especially, the closer to S prison, the bloody air is more disgusting.

It’s over…

Zhong Bin’s heart completely sank to the bottom.

When he thinks of Shan Lin being killed, he only feels his scalp burst and his soul flies away.

It’s just that when he led the crowd to the S prison, and the scene before him, he could hardly believe his eyes.

“No… don’t kill me! Devil! You, you are a devil!”

A scream resounded from the prison.

Zhong Bin saw a middle-aged man with a long scar on his face, his expression was extremely frightened.

He curled up in a corner of the prison, shaking like chaff.

As if he really met the devil.

This person turned out to be… Master Dao!

Zhong Bin was stunned.

Master Dao is the carry handle in the north of Jiang City, no one dares to distrub him.

But now, he couldn’t imagine what it was that made him so scared.

This is more than that.

Zhong Bin immediately discovered that in this dim light, there were stray figures lying on the ground.

These people were dripping with blood, as if they had been attacked by some terrifying monster.

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