Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 91

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Chapter 91

“Jacob, I am not in the mood to talk nonsense with you today. I am going to save my son.” Grace pounced on Derek’s safety, and has no extra energy for the consequences of angering Jacob. Thinking.

Jacob burned with anger in his eyes, gritted his teeth and said, “Grace, I grew up like this. You are still the first person to dare to beat me. Today I will write down this account and wait for you to save your son. Slowly liquidate.”

“It’s up to you.” Grace said weakly.

The fierce conflict was interrupted because of the imminent rescue, and Grace got a brief kick.

At this time she suddenly received a call from the kidnapper, “Transfer the money to my account…”

Grace asked, “How much?”

“Two hundred million!” The kidnapper sat on the floor and raised the price.

How could Grace have so much money, she could only stare at the gold master and Janice with eyesight.

However, Janice was embarrassed, and the card that Jacob gave her was only 100 million. One hundred million short?

Seeing Janice’s embarrassed expression, Grace knew that Janice was gone. In desperation, Grace could only turn to the only big boss who could afford it.

“Zhan Ye, can you lend me money?” She bit her lip and said this very hard. It was so reluctant that she bit her lips.

Jacob was remembering the slap she had slapped on his face, and this time was a good opportunity for him to report back. A ferocious sneer came out of his eyes, “Please!”

Grace said dryly, “Please.”

Jacob frowned, “Are you asking for help? Two hundred million, you still can’t buy a pair of your cheap legs?”

Grace knelt down tremblingly, tears streaming out of her eyes. Why is it humiliating to be humiliated by your favorite man?

Janice covered her eyes and dared not look.

On the surface, it seems that her brother is in power, but she knows that in a short time, her brother will regret it.

After he knew that Grace borrowed the two hundred million to save her biological son, she wondered that the moment Jacob’s face collapsed would be thousands of times more exciting than now.

“Okay. Brother, don’t do this? Isn’t it two hundred million? I borrowed it, okay?” Janice couldn’t stand it anymore, and walked over to pull Grace up.

But without the assistance of Jacob, how dare Grace get up?

Jacob angrily rebuked Janice, “There is nothing to do with you here, get out.”

Janice said, “Brother, do you think I am helping her? I am helping you.”

Suddenly Jason suddenly jumped off Jacob, and he said to Grace, “Mummy, get up, I have money, I will give it to you.”

Yu was panicked when Jacob was demolished by his son.

Jason stretched out his hand to beg Jacob, “Daddy, you give me my lucky money.”

The reversal of the son and the sister gave Jacob a sense of tragic and unrequited love.

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