Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 69

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Chapter 69

These big people, they usually only see them on TV, but they can’t believe that, at this moment, they actually appeared in front of them.

It’s more than that!

When the last middle-aged man with a majestic face walked in.

Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others all exclaimed:

“Chairman of Jiangnan One—Liu Zhen!”


Seeing Liu Zhen appearing in front of him, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and others shuddered, and they all felt a tingling scalp.

what happened?

what happened!

How could a little Shaun provoke the richest man in Jiangnan, major general of the military region, and Jiangnan No. 1!

Oh my God……

Zhong Bin’s body trembled like sifting chaff, completely scared to urinate.

In particular, he found that the gaze of this big guy looked at him, full of cruelty and disgust, as if he had done something violent.

“Liu…Chairman Liu…”

Zhong Bin swallowed fiercely and said with a trembling voice.

It was just that his words had just been uttered, and Liu Zhen’s eyes suddenly became cold:

“Zhong Bin, you are so courageous, with the help of your position, you even avenge your personal revenge!”

“Do you know, who is Mr. Lin?”


Zhong Bin was at a loss, and Huang Guosheng and others in the video were even more blank.

Isn’t Shaun just a crap son-in-law of Bai family?

What solid background he has.

“Huh! Let me tell you!” President Liu Zhen’s complexion was green, his voice filled with supreme majesty:

“The Mr. Shaun you arrested is one of the four major army seats in China! The new owner of Universal Group!”


At the end of this sentence, Zhong Bin’s whole body seemed to have been drained of all strength, completely limp on the ground.

In the video Huang Guosheng and others also scared to the ground.

What followed was quietness and depression!

Sweat dripped from the foreheads of Zhong Bin and others in the video.

They felt that they are dreaming.

One of the four great army seats, Lin seat!

The new owner of the world, Shaun!

how is this possible!

How is this possible…

At this moment, Zhong Bin and others in vidoe felt that the whole world was crazy.

Just now.

Liu Zhen didn’t care about the panic of them at all. He took out a stack of files from behind, then glanced at Zhong Bin indifferently and said:

“Zhong Bin, we have already found out that you are suspected of corruption, and you have used your position to blackmail people! And you are killing people!”

You had done many illegal deals with the people to kill others for money.

At this moment, Liu Zhentian’s mighty voice read paragraph after paragraph of the crimes of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng.

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