Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

In front of Mr. Yang, a young man showed hesitation on his face, bowed and asked:

“Teacher, if Mr. Lin goes to the police station this time, he will definitely be arrested! What should we do?”

The young man knew that his teacher was here entirely for Shaun.

But now, Shaun can’t protect himself, so what’s the point of them staying here.

It’s just that the young man can’t think of it.

“Stay! Obviously want to stay!”

There was a strange look in Old Yang’s eyes.

Before, he was still wondering if Shaun was that person who pierced the police like street dogs.

And just now, Shaun’s fierceness and skill made him even more sure that this young man is definitely the existence of the rumors that made the global giants fearful.

“Don’t worry! No one can help Mr. Lin!”

Old Yang’s words are full of deep meaning.

Inside Jiang City Police Station.

Captain Zhong Bin sat in the office, humming a little song with Erlang’s legs tilted.

He is in a great mood today.

According to his brother-in-law Huang Guosheng, as long as the little beast of Shaun is brought back, forced to ask for a prescription, and then stripped of his clothes, then the Huang Group will soar into the sky and he will gain tens of millions of fortunes.

It was a huge sum of money that he couldn’t make in a lifetime as a captain.

“Thank you! I really didn’t expect that the son-in-law of the Bai family was so valuable!”

At the corner of Zhong Bin’s mouth, a wicked smile appeared:

“However, this kid is afraid that he can only die here!”

Killing a small son-in-law of Bai family was as simple as trampling an ant to Zhong Bin.

Just as Zhong Bin was thinking about how he would spend so much wealth, a knock on the door sounded.

Then the door opened and a policeman walked in and said:

“Captain, Bald, they are back! The car just drove into the yard!”


This sentence made Zhong Bin’s eyes bright, and immediately got up from the seat:

“The bald guy is very efficient! Let’s go and see what that famous rubbish son-in-law looks like! He dared to beat my nephew Huang Tao, huh! Let him see how I deal with him!”

After speaking, Zhong Bin hurriedly walked out of the office and soon came to the courtyard.

He suddenly saw that a police car had just driven into the hospital.

“Hahaha… Bald, has anyone caught him?”

“Quick! Let me see how that little animal looks!”

“What a damn, he dared to hit my nephew Huang Tao, this kid is really tired and crooked!”

Zhong Bin walked towards the police car in ecstasy.


When the police car stopped, the door opened, and then the two police officers walked out of the car with pale faces.

These two policeman had blood on their faces.

In his expression, there was still a strong panic, as if he had just seen something terrifying.

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