Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 58

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Chapter 58

Everyone was horrified to see that the bald man’s wrist, like a rotten wood, was broken by Shaun’s palm, completely crashed.


This scene stunned Elvira, Yang Lao, Zheng Xuechang and others who are witnessing this scene.

They didn’t expect that Shaun will act so harshly.

What’s more terrifying is that he actually… assaulted the police!


“my hand!!!”

The bald man trembled in pain.

He clutched his wrist, horrified.


He can feel that his wrist bones are completely shattered, and he is afraid that it will not heal in this lifetime:

“Asshole! You dare to hurt me! I will distroy you today!”

As he said, the bald head immediately took out a pistol from his waist, and then he wanted to shoot Shaun!

“Do not!!!”

Seeing this scene, Elvira was so frightened that her eyesight was split, and immediately she wanted to come forward.

But at this moment!

The muzzle of the gun just pointed to the center of Shaun’s brow, and Shaun’s palm moved again.

Like new flowers attract butterflies, it was incredibly fast.

The bald man only felt his palm empty, and then looked again, only to find that his pistol had actually fallen into Shaun’s hand.


At this moment, the bald man was dumbfounded, and Elvira and others were all dumbfounded.

Especially when the muzzle of the gun pointed at the head of the bald man.

The cold sweat rushed down from the bald man’s forehead.

Put down the gun?


The bald man swallowed fiercely, he just felt his head, as if it would blow at any time, making him almost scared to pee.

“Damn it! Put down the gun!”

The two policemen behind were taken aback, almost instinctively reacted, instantly took out two pistols from their waists, and then wanted to aim at Shaun!

It’s just that their muzzles have just been raised!

Boom…! Boom…!

Two dull gunshots exploded, two bullets, as if they had eyes, instantly pierced the wrists of the two.



Two pistols fell to the ground and the audience were silent!

The atmosphere in the conference room is dull and depressing.

At this moment, almost everyone felt that their heart was in their throat.



Jumping wildly.

As three bald police officers, the sweat on their foreheads, ticking, constantly flowing down.

They couldn’t believe that Shaun actually dared to shoot.

Especially, his marksmanship is fast, accurate and ruthless!

With two shots, the two police officers were shot on the wrists, which was too shocking.

“Little…boy, don’t be impulsive! You know, killing the police is a big crime!” The bald policeman was completely afraid.

He looked at Shaun, like a lunatic.

It’s just that his words just uttered!


Another gunfire exploded.

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