Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 57

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Chapter 57

Obviously, being able to invite Mr. Yang for free is definitely not something an ordinary person can do.

“Okay! The matter is over!”

Elvira smiled slightly, and her feelings for Shaun became more intense. She looked at everyone:

“From today, everyone will work together! I hope everyone will cooperate sincerely and make our Bai Group even stronger!”

As soon as Elvira’s words fell, applause resounded from below.

After all, with Yang Lao in charge, the clothing department of the Bai Group, sweeping Jiang City is almost a certainty.

Except for Zheng Xuechang, almost everyone is excited.

Just at this moment!


The door of the conference room was roughly kicked open.

After that, under the horrified eyes of everyone!


Three police officers broke in.

“Who is Shaun?” The headed bald policeman had a ferocious face.

When they heard this, everyone was shocked, and everyone could see that these people were not good.

Shaun also frowned:


“Handcuffed!” The bald policeman shouted violently, and the two policemen immediately wanted to step forward.

This scene shocked Elvira.

She hurried forward and stood in front of Shaun, and asked angrily:

“Stop! Why did you arrest him? What did Shaun commit?”

“Huh! You know what he has committed!” The corner of the bald policeman’s mouth was filled with a thick sullen smile.

Those eyes greedily glanced at Elvira’s enchanting figure, and then said with a lewd smile:

“Someone called the police, saying that Shaun had injured someone! We were ordered to arrest!”


The bald policeman stretched out a big hand and grabbed Elvira’s chest.

He seemed unintentional, but the obscene smile at the corner of his mouth displayed everything.


Elvira was startled, she never thought that this bald policeman would be so shameless.

It’s just that at this moment, the distance is too close, she wants to dodge, it is too late.


However, when the big hand of the bald policeman was about to touch Elvira’s chest, it seemed to hit an iron plate and stopped abruptly.

Shaun grabbed his entire wrist unexpectedly.

“Boy, you…” The bald policeman was startled, and instinctively wanted to withdraw his palm.


“Salt pork hands? Don’t touch my wife!”

Shaun’s voice was icy.

As if from hell, the suffocated anger immediately enveloped the bald policeman.

In this scene, the bald policeman only felt as if he was being stared at by a demon, making his heart flutter!

“Lose…Let my hand free!”

The bald policeman was shocked and just screamed.


A sound of broken bones suddenly resounded.

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