Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

At the moment, he turned his body, and knelt in front of Paula:

“Aunt Paula, please help me say something! I was wrong, I…I shouldn’t say bad things about Mr. Lin, he is a dragon, I am a reptile, please don’t let Mr. Wu fire me! Please! Please…”

With that, Kong Peng kept pleaing to Paula.

And Aunt Zhang and Xiao Cui on the side also quickly pleaded to Paula.

See this scene!

For some reason, Paula was extremely happy.

“I really didn’t expect that Shaun, this stinky boy, really has some ability!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Paula’s mouth, and then said to Wu Guangrong:

“Boss Wu, please spare Kong Peng! He is also unintentional!”

“Yes!” Wu Guangrong nodded quickly, and then said to Kong Peng:

“Have you heard it! Ms. Paula has pleaded for you, otherwise, with your insulting Mr. Lin, I will let you live on the streets and fend for yourself!”

This sentence gave Kong Peng an amnesty:

“Little one knows! Starting today, Mr. Lin is my benefactor, and I will never say anything disrespectful anymore!”

Until then.

Wu Guangrong nodded in satisfaction, and then bowed to Paula. This led to a group of senior executives and drove away.

Looking at the long luxury caravan, whether it was Paula, Aunt Zhang, Kong Peng, and others, they were extremely complicated.


Who is he… on earth!

The Huang family belongs to the second-rate family in Jiangshi.

Although in terms of status, it is comparable to the Bai family, but the owner, Huang Guosheng, is the largest medicinal material wholesaler in Jiang City.

The medicinal materials in his hand almost control 80% of Jiang City.

Just today!

Huang Guosheng’s complexion was extremely ugly. He sat on the sofa and looked at the man and woman who were kneeling on the ground opposite, with a trace of anger looming:

“What a Wu Guangrong! It’s damn daring to beat my son!”

This time Huang Guosheng gritted his teeth with hatred.

In normal times, he and Wu Guangrong had a lot of friendship, but they couldn’t even dream that the other party would be so cruel today and beat his son and daughter-in-law into pigs.


Huang Tao’s face was bruised and swollen with a trace of blood flowing down, looking extremely embarrassed.

There was resentment in his eyes:

“The most damn thing is that little beast! He didn’t know what method he used to let Wu Guangrong stand on his side!”

“The most hateful thing is that he robbed Yang Lao and made our Huang family lose face!”

“Dad, you must avenge me! You must never let this little bastard Shaun go!”

The voice of Huang Tao was full of resentment.

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