Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 780

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Chapter 780

She stabbed Louzi, and it seemed that he had to make up for her.

He motioned to Ye Feng to call his computer…

Outside the door, the voice of Zhan Ting Ye’s yin bird came, “Irene, I almost forgot, you were a hacker originally. I just didn’t expect that you could decipher our Zhan’s internal network?”

Zhan Tingye felt very grateful at this moment. Fortunately, he caught Irene, otherwise the theft of Zhan’s funds would be small. If Irene stole Zhan’s confidential documents, then Zhan would be very passive.

Zhan Tingye was determined to put Irene to death at this moment.

“Irene, wait for the lawsuit. I want to sue you for violating the interests of our company.”

Irene only cares about where Silvia is going at the moment. “Zhan Tingye, I have already transferred one billion to you according to our agreement. Should you fulfill your promise and let my sister go home?”

The expression on Zhan Tingye’s face was indescribable. Irene was in disaster, and she was still thinking about where Silvia was going.

“Okay, I’ll let her go back.” Zhan Tingye said.

Without Silvia, he would still find a way to get her back.

But today, he will put Irene to death no matter what.

Zhan Tingye reported to the police. While waiting for the police to investigate, he again received a call from the company’s deputy.

“Chairman, the Internet has recovered somehow, and the missing 10 billion is also somehow returned.”

The voice of the microphone leaked out, and Irene was puzzled, who on earth was the living god who had come down to help her so much?

Zhan Tingye’s face was ugly, and he also felt extremely puzzled. Just now, Irene had obviously done nothing, but the money that Zhan had lost came back.

Could it be that Irene did it just now?

Irene put on a posture of an aggrieved person, “Zhan Tingye, in the future, remember to make a conclusion after investigating clearly, otherwise the ending will be much slapped.”

Jacob turned off the computer and heard Irene’s triumphant voice, his sexy thin lips raised.

This girl is fake.

Zhan Tingye was not embarrassed to become Irene, and agreed that Silvia would return to Yan’s house. It’s just stealing chickens to lose rice. He was very angry.

Irene looked at the puppets in the ward and seemed to be Silvia, a little unhappy and said: “Silvia, can you go?”

Silvia walked out slowly, with reluctance and pity in the eyes of the lady.

When Silvia passed by the lady, she paused for a moment, “Thank you Madam for taking care of me during this time.”

The lady’s tears filled her eyes, and she reluctantly shouted: “Silvia, Silvia!”

When Irene left, she walked decisively.

She didn’t even look at the Jacob in the next ward.

Jacob patted the computer with a face full of disappointment: “Do you a favor, without a word of thanks.”

Irene sent Silvia downstairs, but said: “You go back first, I have something to do, go home later.”

Silvia is still very weak, but she can’t change her habit of mocking Irene. “You’re going to see Master Zhan, aren’t you?. Didn’t you break up? Do you want to be shameless by pestering people like this?”

Irene went back angrily, “I don’t need you to care about my business.”

Silvia was so angry that she slammed the door shut and shouted at the driver: “Let’s go.”

Irene turned her head and walked back.

She didn’t have to see Jacob either, but she wanted to know if he helped her out just now. If so, she would have to return the money taken from Zhan’s family to him.

Silvia looked at Irene’s back walking back, a fierce light of jealousy aroused in her eyes.

When Irene returned to the sixth floor, Zhan Tingye and the others were already empty.

Irene came to Jacob’s ward, and the doctor was pulling out the silver needle from her leg.

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