Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 781

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Chapter 781

Irene’s gaze fell on his slender and well-proportioned long legs, suddenly a little envious of the female doctor, who could admire his legs up close, and occasionally rubbed oil.

Jacob stared at the little man leaning on the door. Seeing her nympho eyes, Jacob’s eyes were dyed with a smile.

“Why are you back?” He stretched his face.

Irene walked in, because there was an outsider, she was inconvenient to ask him directly. But there is nowhere to put her eyes.

Jacob said to the doctor: “You go out first.”

After the doctor left, Jacob stared at Irene: “Is something wrong with me?” asked knowingly.

Irene seemed to squeeze toothpaste, “I…I’m here…just…want to ask you…Did you help me just now… ..”

Jacob had no patience, and readily accepted, “It’s me.”

He was afraid that the candy he gave her was too sweet, and she would have an illusion of him that she should not have. Jun’s face regained his usual alienation and indifference, “Ten billion is my child support. Don’t wrong my child.”

Irene said: “It won’t cost much to raise a child, I will return the money to you…” She knows that Media Asia is very difficult recently and should need more money than she does.

Jacob said: “No need. My child wants to be rich. Do you know?”

“But didn’t you say that boys should be raised?” Irene said.

Jacob pinched his eyebrows, his brain hurt badly.

When she was a child, he followed the principle of girl richness. Give her the best of everything. In the end, she was reborn on Grace’s soil turtle and developed a habit of being poor.

“I use the best food, clothing, lodging and transportation. You know?” he said.

Irene seriously corrected and said: “In fact, hundreds of thousands of clothes may not have tens of dollars in compassionate clothes to wear comfortably…”

Jacob warned her viciously, “You dare to wear those stalls for my daughter, you try?”

“Got it.”

Seeing that she hadn’t left for a long time, Jacob raised his eyes and stared at her in a daze.

“Something else?”

Seeing the joy overflowing in her eyes, Jacob secretly cried out.

He treated her a little better, and she kindled hope for him.

Irene walked up to him, smiling brighter than Shanhua, “Thank you, Brother Jue.”

Her tenderness, her passion, made him ecstatic.

But-he closed his eyes and confined the joy. When he opened his eyes, there was only the immortal ice.

“Irene, don’t call me Brother Jue from now on.” He warned fiercely.

“Brother Jie, Brother Jie…” she kept shouting mischievously.

“I knew, you still have me in your heart.” Irene still smiled heartlessly. “Otherwise, you won’t save me just now.”

Jacob has an illusion that this girl deliberately embezzled Zhan’s funds just to test him?

He knew that to give her a candy, she would have to eat more coptis in order to solve his mistake.

He was thinking about how to make her give up?

Suddenly, a coquettish girl appeared at the door of the ward.

The voice came before the person arrived, “Jacob, I’m back.”

Irene and Jacob were both shocked by the sudden sound. Lifting their eyes, they saw a tall woman with a perfect figure wearing a low V-neck, floating in like a spring breeze.

Irene was just amazed by her beauty, and was immediately stunned by her actions.

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