Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 689

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Chapter 689

Not only them.

Mr. Bai’s palm was trembling at this moment, and he stared at the Mercedes-Benz, not believing his eyes.

Especially, when the door of the Mercedes-Benz opened, Shaun and Elvira walked down one after another.


The entire area at this moment fell into a boundless silence.

This is more than that.

When everyone saw that as Elvira and Shaun got out of the car, the doors of the twenty Rolls Royce were also opened.

Fei Lao, Qi Lao, King Kong, and others all got out of the cars, they all were the top tycoons of Yunhai City.

Then, under everyone’s horrified eyes.

All those big giants bowed to Elvira and Shaun.

“We are happy to escort Miss Elvira and Mr. Lin to here!”


Seeing Fei and the others bowing, and hearing the courteous words of Fei and others, at this moment, every Jiangshi citizen felt his head, as if lightning struck, blank.

What is happening here?

How could Old Fei and others escort Shaun?

This is simply incredible.

Not only that, everyone saw Shaun just nodded and waved to Fei and the others:

“You go back!”

After speaking, Shaun didn’t even look at the big guys of Yunhai City anymore. Elvira walked towards the crowd.


At this moment, among the crowd of people in Jiang City Shaun walked dodging people.

The faces of every one were surprised and uncertain. They did not dare to block Shaun’s path, and they did not dare to say hello to Shaun as well.

In a while, Shaun and Elvira came before the members of the Bai family.

“Dad! We are back!”

Shaun said to Baishan with a smile.

It’s just that Baishan and Paula at this moment are the same as everyone around them, staring at them with amazement.

“Shaun, how could it be you! Isn’t there a big man? How could you be escorted by Fei Lao and the others?” Mr. Bai asked Shaun with a trembling voice.

After all, this was an incredible scene.

Haibai vowed to say that there was a big man, but now it was Shaun who was looked down upon by them.

How could everyone in the Bai family accept this thing?

What is even more embarrassing is that they actually had brought a million-dollar painting, which is like a slap in the face of every Bai family members.


Shaun frowned when he heard the question from Mr. Bai.

He glanced at the gifts in the hands of everyone in the Bai Family, and instantly understood what these people were thinking, he couldn’t help but sneer:

“Sorry, Mr. Fei and others were escorting me and Elvira!”

“Besides, we don’t accept gifts!”

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